People Are Sharing Phrases That Only Their Kid Uses, And It's Hilariously Relatable

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There is no denying the cuteness and hilarity that comes with the things that toddlers say. They are these little people, learning how to navigate the world and speak and sometimes, things just don't come out of their mouths sounding quite right. As parents, we get to enjoy the chuckle that comes along with everything they say and in some situations, their choice of words stick and all your family and friends follow suit - calling everyday objects by their "new" names.

This week on twitter, a hilarious thread broke out as parents came forward to reveal all the hilarious things that their toddlers say and it's so freaking relatable.

NYT bestselling author of historical romance, Tessa Dare, kicked this viral thread off earlier this week on twitter, as she shared a story about something funny her friend's 5 year old said. She shared, "My friend’s 5-year-old just saw a crow and called it a “Halloween eagle.” And a child shall lead us. It is known. This is the new name for the bird-formally-known-as-crow. You know what to do, ."

The tweet that started it all has garnered 13 thousand likes, 2.5 thousand and 354 responses from parents just like us, revealing the funniest things that their toddlers have said that have all of us shaking our heads up and down and saying yes, yes, yes.

Though sometimes whenever these hilarious comments and phrases come out of our toddler's mouths, it leaves us feeling a little bit guilty. As much as we love a good laugh at our toddler expense, it's also important to know when to correct their speech and lead them on the right path.

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The Parenting Report shares that most speech therapists would actually say not to correct your child's speech. While it can be extremely tempting, especially when they might be mispronouncing a word and it sounds completely inappropriate, the best thing to do in reality (instead of laugh) is to repeat the word on your own, to model to your child the correct use. They will eventually pick up on it. And as an important reminder, the mispronunciation of words isn't a cause for alarm.

Phew. But that doesn't mean we can't have a giggle for the way their brain interprets things. Here are some more gems:

Some of our favorites include, "A friend’s 5yo was wailing about seeing “flamingo witches” after watching the National Geographic channel. Took a little while to figure out she was talking about vultures," from one twitter user and, "As a toddler, my son was king of properly renaming things.

This is why my vocabulary now includes gems like “boo boo trucks” and “bed skins” (ambulances and sheets, obviously)," from another.

It's so much fun to reminisce with a group of toddler parents who get what we go through every day raising our tiny humans. Toddlers seriously say the darndest things.

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