Kid Photobombs Reporter During Live Report, And It's Hard Not To Laugh


As a reporter out in the field, there's a ton of things that you have to deal with. Sometimes you're covering hard-hitting stories, dodging shrapnel as you stream in live from a war zone. Other times, you're tasked with reporting on the birth of the royal baby, from across the pond in England, like Sunrise's Edwina Bartholomew. Things didn't quite go to plan for the gal on the job, as one child saw his opportunity for glory and seized it with both hands...or to be exact, one finger.

According to LadBible, the youngster hopped into frame as the car he was in drove past in the background. Raising his hand to wave, the little boy turned it around and flipped the bird instead. Maybe he was overcome with excitement about the news of Meg and Harry's arrival, or perhaps he was just doing what school boys do best - wreaking havoc. Bartholomew remained completely unphased throughout the debacle, but fell into fits of giggles once she finished her report, calling the little boy a "rotter".

The footage has been shared on social media by the Sunrise official account, who made light of the situation. Reactions to the moment have been varied, with some taking it in good humor. On the other hand, others are quick to blame bad parenting, calling the tot ill-mannered and disrespectful. It's not uncommon for reporters to face renegade members of the public while working, so Edwina just took it in her stride as part of the job.

Credit: Twitter / annm1953

Media outlets have flocked to Windsor where the Duke and Duchess of Suffolk had a photocall on Wednesday, introducing their son to the world before taking him to meet his great-grandmother, the Queen. Meghan described her newborn as a "dream" but the couple remained tight-lipped on a name until later on in the day.

Presumably, they wanted to let Her Majesty know before announcing their son officially as Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Some have been quick to criticize the moniker, as it isn't as traditional as Kate and Will's chosen names for their kids. However, with Archie now 7th in line to the throne, it's unlikely he'll ever be crowned king.

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