10 Alternatives To Throwing Your Child A Birthday Party

Birthdays come every.... single... year. The more kids you have, the more parties you are intended to throw. Not only do hosting parties cost a significant amount of money, but they take time to prepare, to execute and to clean up afterwards. Birthday parties take a lot of effort and energy, and we understand if this just is not your thing. Even if you do enjoy throwing a good ol' bash, it's a great option to skip every other year to wind down, enjoy their birthdays in calmness, and save a buck or two-hundred. So, instead of throwing a big birthday party for the kids, here are 10 alternatives that will have your eyes wide open.

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There's truly nothing like being 'one with nature'. Even for a small child. Children love to be around animals. Whether they're toddlers or teenagers, there is just something so magical about being around the most docile creatures. It's also an incredibly educational option to opt into a farm day rather than throw a big birthday party. The child may gain additional appreciation for how many of the city's food is grown. Connecting the farm-to-table process is incredibly rewarding. For children, spending their birthdays on a farm is a nice and calm way to kick start their new year.


Aquariums are a fantastic place to spend birthdays. They are so incredibly fascinating. Often, there are tours around big aquariums or staff to better your knowledge of the creatures you are looking at. This is another great, calm way to kick start your child's birthday.

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It's surely a day they will not forget. Children love animals. Especially those that live under the sea. There's magic in water and watching your child's eyes widen by the incredibly fascinating fish will be incredibly rewarding.


Age permitting, movies are a great way to celebrate. Consider allowing your child to stay up past their bedtime and visit the movie theatre... in their PJs! Not only will this be a convenient way to sneak them straight into their bed afterwards, but the child will feel incredibly special knowing they're breaking some rules: wearing PJs in public and staying up past their bedtime because, well, they're older now!


Everybody loves pizza! And it's incredibly rewarding when you get to make it yourself. We recommend you call your local pizza maker to see if they offer party packages or family deals.

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Often, pizza restaurants will allow customers, for an additional charge, to go behind the kitchen to prepare their own, personal pizza. It's a great way to make your child feel responsible and special for their new year.


A family vacation does not always have to be over Christmas break or an Easter, long weekend. It's a great way to combine some deserved family time along with your little one's birthday. Family Vacations do not have to be a flight away. They could always be a train ride over to a town you've yet explored. Instead of throwing a big birthday bash, consider going away with your family on vacation.


Like a family vacation, there's nothing better than a good road trip! Road trips are a great way to explore different areas of your country. Whether you drive directly to a destination or plant to camp along the way, it's always the journey that's better than the destination. Road trips are a great bonding experience. Children love the memories they provide. So, next time you're considering throwing a big, stressful birthday party, consider packing up your family car and going for a birthday trip!


Children love to be spoiled. Whether it's with a ton of love, a ton of attention, or a new wardrobe! Children also grow like weeds. Considering saving the money you would spend on a big birthday party and going shopping, one-on-one with your birthday child.

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Whether they need a new outfit for a wedding coming up or school is around the corner, it's a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Not only will they enjoy having some time with their parent, but they will walk away with a whole new birthday wardrobe!


...but not just any picnic. Decorate this little get-away into the birthday picnic of their dreams. Whether it's just the immediate family or you allow them to bring a friend along, a birthday picnic is a great way to wind down, enjoy some of their most favorite foods and be in nature. Even if the weather is not practical for an outdoor picnic, consider having one in your living room. Push that table aside and set up a big, beautiful picnic to eat on the blanket and share some well-deserved family time.


If the weather allows it, water parks are a great space to celebrate your little one's birthday. Water always cheers a child up. It's a great way to celebrate their birthday! Whether you bring just them for a Mommy-Daughter/Daddy-Son (or vice versa) date, or you allow them to bring two friends, it's a great way to save money, stress and add incredible memories to their childhood birthdays.


Within reason, of course. But, allowing your child what to choose to do for their special day allows them to feel in control. It's absolutely reasonable to surprise them with a little getaway or even a surprise birthday party if you please, but giving the child the option to choose what to do on their birthday is a great idea. Whether it's spend all day on the playground, go to Grandma's or stay up all night watching their favorite movie, ask what they have in mind. It may not be as wild as you expect.

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