People Are Furious With Khloé Kardashian For 'Introducing Diet Culture' To True And Chicago

The Kardashian family has been enjoying one heck of a summer. While Kylie was living it up, celebrating her 22nd birthday on a superyacht in Italy, Kourtney was also living the good life with her children in Italy and then visiting family in Idaho. Sister Khloé has been vacationing in Malibu with her adorable daughter True and was recently joined by sister Kim's daughter, Chicago in the Bahamas. Naturally, Khloé has been documenting her vacation on social media, but one recent post had commenters criticizing the mother of one.

Khloé posted a series of pictures of little True and cousin Chicago sitting on a boat and eating some snacks while on vacation. One picture shows Chicago with a bag of Cheetos in her lap while True has a bag of Veggie Straws. While the photos are downright adorable and the little girls are incredibly cute, it's Khloé's caption that has angered many of her followers on Twitter. Khloé wrote, "Chi: I heard my mama say “vacation calories don’t count”True: Don’t tell me twice Chi."

The response on Twitter was swift. One person criticized Kardashian writing, "Are you introducing diet culture to your infant child? Don't do that!"

Another wrote, "Calories and children do not need to be in the same sentence even if it’s a joke."

"Very cute photo but uploading photos of babies eating then talking about counting calories is so weird," wrote another.

Although some were quick to criticize the reality star, many of her fans came to her defense claiming the caption was simply a joke, meant to be taken as lighthearted fun.

"People need to take a chill pill. Obviously, this is a joke. She is having fun with her kid and niece. Leave well alone. She is not promoting calorie counting for kids," wrote one fan. "I think she's talking about healthy eating, you never too young to eat healthy," wrote another.

Khloé is no stranger to having her parenting choices questioned by strangers on the internet. She's been shamed for "spoiling" her daughter and even told that her nails are too long. So far Khloé hasn't responded to the negative comments.

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