Khloe And Tristan: 20 Things That Have Happened Since True Was Born

It was big news when Khloe announced that she was expecting a baby with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson. It seemed like everyone was so excited for her. Khloe has wanted a baby for a long time and back when she was married to Lamar Odom, there were worries that she might not ever be able to get pregnant. However, after going to the doctors during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we discovered that Khloe was actually very fertile.

It wasn’t long after that the Khloe and Tristan announced that they were pregnant. Khloe looked incredible throughout the nine-month journey, but the day before she went into labor, news broke that Tristan had been cheating on her for most of her pregnancy. The news was devastating for fans and Khloe. The entire Kardashian clan was in utter shock and felt so bad for Khloe. True Thompson was born the next day and the delivery may have been sped up because of the rush of emotions Khloe must have been feeling. Khloe was so excited to be a mom and this news definitely tainted the entire happy experience. However, a lot has happened since True was born between Khloe and Tristan, and here are 20 of them.

20 Khloe Couldn’t Leave Ohio

Via Us Weekly

According to Daily Mail, Khloe stayed in Cleveland after the cheating scandal erupted and after she had baby True. Khloe is still currently in Cleveland now. Apparently, she kicked Tristan Thompson out of the mansion that they shared together and made him find an apartment all by himself. This may not be the best thing for a guy who has a habit of cheating because Khloe won’t be able to monitor what he’s doing, but her focus seems to be on the baby. All the baby stuff was set up in the Ohio mansion so it makes sense that Khloe wanted to stay right after having her baby.

19 Doctors Hadn't Cleared Khloe To Fly With True

khloe kardashian can't fly

There’s a chance that Khloe might have left Cleveland the second this cheating scandal erupted, but flying when you are nine months pregnant is not a good idea, even if you have a private jet. And, once True was born, Khloe had to stay in Cleveland until it was safe to take the baby girl on a plane. According to People.com, a source said, The goal is to get Khloé out of there as fast as they can without jeopardizing the safety of the baby.” Apparently, Khloe really wanted to get home after all the cheating rumors started circulating.

18 Tristan Didn’t Make Her Stay

It’s pretty clear that Tristan was not the one that made Khloe stay in Cleveland with him. It sounds like Tristan is doing whatever Khloe tells him to and trying to make her happy. Of course, he wanted her to stay, but if Khloe and True were able to fly, there’s a good chance they would have been out of Cleveland a long time ago. According to Complex.com, Khloe’s main priority through all of this drama has been her baby and so it has been a lot harder to simply get up and leave when True’s dad is in the picture.

17 He Broke Down Crying In The Hospital Room

tristan thompson leaving hospital

According to SportsGossip.com, a source told UsWeekly that it wasn’t hard for Khloe to forgive Tristan for cheating on her after the birth of their daughter because Tristan broke down crying in the hospital room. Some may think that he was crying because of his daughter True being born, but it sounds more like he was crying for Khloe. Apparently, Tristan was devastated and felt terrible for hurting Khloe so badly right before this magical time in her life. One could argue that it’s hard to be devastated when Tristan knew what he was doing to Khloe all along. He knew it would hurt her and he did it anyway. However, the waterworks may have been a good touch.

16 Fans Booed Tristan At His Game

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After the news broke and videos surfaced of Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe with multiple women, even bringing some back to his hotel room the day before Khloe went into labor, fans did not seem to support the basketball star. During a game in his hometown of Cleveland, fans still booed Tristan when he stepped onto the court. Some fans even held signs in support of Khloe and it was pretty clear that Thompson had screwed up and the whole world knew about it. While getting booed in an arena is never fun, it’s interesting to wonder if Khloe felt vindicated by the incident or if she felt bad for Tristan.

15 Family Visited Khloe In Cleveland

Via People Magazine

Like any good and supportive family would, Khloe’s mom and sisters got on a plane and visited her for the birth of her daughter True. While most of the time, family visiting for the birth of a child is supposed to be a happy thing, this time it was more out of sympathy for Khloe and the terrible situation that this turned out to be. She was stuck in Cleveland having a baby with a guy that had been cheating on her this whole time. According to ETOnline, Kim, Kourtney, and Kendall all made the trip to Cleveland. And while having her sisters there was a nice sentiment, Khloe usually likes to deal with emotional issues on her own.

14 They Had a Lunch Date In Cleveland With Friends

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A lunch date in Cleveland with friends was the first time Khloe was seen in public with Tristan after the cheating scandal and after the birth of True. Khloe looked happy and healthy, and her relationship appeared to be on solid ground. According to Harper’s Bazaar, this lunch date is what sparked rumors that Khloe and Tristan were going to stay together after the cheating scandal. Khloe seemed happy in the video that was released by TMZ showing the couple out at lunch together. It was clear at this point that there was no talk of a split between the couple.

13 Khloe Was Cheering At Tristan’s Basketball Game

Khloe tristan's basketball game

Not long after True was born, Khloe was seen at one of Tristan Thompson’s basketball games. She was relatively low key but still made an appearance, which shows that she supports her man and is standing by him despite him not being loyal to her. Tristan plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers and they were doing extremely well around this time. According to UsMagazine.com, Khloe was reportedly at Tristan’s May 5th game where the Cleveland Cavaliers played the Raptors. This may have been Khloe’s subtle way of supporting her boyfriend when it seemed like no one else in the world was supporting him.

12 Tristan And Khloe Attended The Movies Together

tristan khloe daytime movie date

According to TMZ.com, just a few days after Khloe supported Tristan at his game, the two attended a matinee move together in Cleveland. While no one knows what movie the two actually saw together, they were looking a lot like a couple during this time. Tristan got snacks for them before the movie started, and the two left in the same car after the movie ended. It was clear that the new parents were working on their relationship and spending a lot of time together. While their focus may have been on True at this time, they also needed to focus on their relationship and where that was going as well.

11 Kim Appeared On Ellen Degeneres

kim ellen degeneres cheating tristan

In the midst of True being born and Tristan’s cheating scandal breaking, Kim Kardashian appeared on Ellen Degeneres and she was asked about Khloe. All Kim could say was “poor Khloe.” She explained that everyone was rooting for her and seemed to insinuate that her family had given up hopes of Khloe and Tristan making it work. However, Kim continued by saying that they are still rooting for Khloe and that she is so strong and such a good mom already. While this was probably a difficult time for the entire Kardashian family, it had to make Khloe feel good knowing that her family loves and supports her.

10 Tristan Blocked Kim On Twitter

kim kardashian got blocked by tristan twitter

During Kim Kardashian’s interview with Ellen Degeneres, she also stated that the only words she had for Tristan Thompson and the entire cheating situation was that it was so “effed up.” The audience and Ellen seemed to appreciate Kim’s honesty and brutality when it came to the situation. However, Tristan didn’t appear to like her words. Not too long later, Kim appeared on Live With Kelly and Ryan in New York and decided to stay tight-lipped about the incident, saying that the last time she shared an opinion she got blocked on Twitter. It seems a little crazy that Tristan would be getting mad at Kim, but it looks like he was.

9 Khloe Wants To Keep Her Family Together

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Many sources have reported Khloe’s hope to keep her family together since the birth of her first daughter, True Thompson. According to TheCut.com, Khloe has allowed Tristan to move back into their Cleveland mansion with their daughter True, and Khloe is focused on keeping her family together. While it makes sense that Khloe wants her and her daughter to live happily ever after with a solid family unit, staying with someone who is constantly cheating on you is not a good example to set for your daughter. Hopefully, Tristan has learned his lesson and won’t do it again, but not many people are holding their breath.

8 Khloe Left Tristan’s Name Off The Anniversary Card

khloe anniversary card kim kanye

As we discussed earlier, it is pretty clear that Kim and Tristan are not on the best terms as of right now. Kim is rightfully pissed at him for cheating on her pregnant sister. And, Tristan probably feels betrayed and thrown under the bus. Maybe he thought Khloe’s family would support him through this difficult time. However, despite all the drama, Kim and Kanye recently celebrated a wedding anniversary and it was evident that Tristan’s name was left off of the card. The card that Khloe sent the couple was only signed by her and baby True. Perhaps Khloe was trying to make a statement, or maybe she simply knew Kim wouldn’t want Tristan’s name on it.

7 Tristan Broke His Social Media Silence

According to UsMagazine.com, Tristan broke his social media silence on April 29, when he posted on Instagram about his basketball team’s big win. The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Indiana Pacers on Sunday, April 29, with a score of 105-101. The NBA star captioned his Instagram post with, “WHAT AN ATMOSPHERE IN THE Q!! GREAT WIN #OnToTheNextOne,” with a picture of himself on the court. Fans had mixed reactions to his post, with some saying that he shouldn’t focus on the drama but with others telling him to apologize to Khloe. It may have been hard for Tristan to fully keep his head in the game in the midst of his personal life drama.

6 Reports Claim The Two Are Officially Back Together

tristan and khloe back together

While reports are not always accurate, it sure seems like Tristan and Khloe are staying together for the time being. With no word of a break up looming, the only thing fans can assume is that the Khloe and Tristan are working on their relationship. All relationships have issues and problems that need to be worked out, but cheating is one of the bigger issues in a relationship that has the potential to make or break it. According to UsMagazine.com, insiders are claiming that the two are “fully back together,” and that Khloe is putting the past in the past.

5 Khloe Posted “Passive” Messages On Social Media

Khloe Kardashian is no stranger to social media drama and it appears that she stirred some up not long after she gave birth to her daughter True. While Khloe may have taken a small break from social media, she posted a vague message on Instagram basically explaining how certain people giving her advice should probably focus on their own lives and not judge hers. However, fans seemed to twist what Khloe was saying, probably applying it to her relationship with Tristan which may or may not have been accurate. Either way, Khloe clapped back saying that people were twisting her words into something that it wasn’t.

4 Tristan Got Into A Fight On The Basketball Court

tristan fight basketball court

On game one of the NBA finals, Tristan’s basketball team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, played the Golden State Warriors and ended up losing the game. However, with only a few seconds left in overtime, a disagreement happened on the court and Tristan ended up getting into a little fight on the basketball court and getting ejected from the game. The calls appeared to be a little complicated and most people weren’t exactly sure what was going on. However, it is hard not to assume that Tristan may have been a little more volatile due to his struggling relationship with his baby mama at home.

3 Khloe Was At Tristan’s Final NBA Game

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The Golden State Warriors ended up sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals, but even when Tristan’s team was down three games to zero, Khloe still showed up to his final game to support her man. Khloe was still relatively undercover and didn’t seem to bring a lot of attention to herself, but the fact that she was there, sitting in the stands, shows that she is standing by her man and supporting him through the ups and downs in his career as well as their relationship. Unfortunately, Cleveland lost their final game, but hopefully going home to Khloe helped ease Tristan’s pain a little bit.

2 True Saw An Astrology Specialist

true thompson astrology

Anyone who watches Keeping Up With The Kardashians will know that Khloe has always been superstitious and in tune with her spiritual side. She says that she talks to her dad who passed away every day and prays all the time. It’s no surprise that Khloe would turn to an astrology specialist to gain some insight about her daughter’s future. According to People.com, True’s astrology explains that she will grow to be close with both parents, but will also enjoy traveling and probably won’t live close to home when she gets older. True is apparently going to marry someone in entertainment or politics and have a fairytale romance.

1 Kris Jenner Trusts Khloe’s Decision

khloe kris jenner trust true tristan

Leave it to momager, Kris Jenner, to completely support of all of her kids’ choices in life. While people may have all sorts of differing opinions about her parenting style, there is no denying the fact that Kris will do anything for her kids. According to E! Online, Kris Jenner will support anything Khloe decides to do in regards to her relationship with Tristan Thompson. Kris knows that she is not personally in the relationship and trusts that Khloe will make the right decision for herself and her new little family. This most likely means that if Khloe decides to fully bring Tristan back in the family, Kris will be nothing but loving towards him.

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