16-Year-Old Was Fatally Stabbed In A Fight & Bystanders Recorded It Instead Of Helped

Khaseen Morris would have turned 17 years old next month, but his life was cut tragically short when a fight over a girl turned fatal. Morris was stabbed during a fight outside an Oceanside strip mall and lay bleeding to death on the ground while a crowd of fellow teens filmed the incident instead on their smartphones instead of calling 911.

Khaseen’s older sister Keyanna Morris spoke to Newsday about seeing footage of her brother as he lay dying on the sidewalk. "He was in so much pain," she recalled.

"Kids stood here and didn't help Khaseen," Nassau Det. Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick, commanding officer of the department's Homicide Squad said during a news conference. "They'd rather video. They videoed his death instead of helping him."

Update: Teen fatally stabbed on Long Island

TEEN FATALLY STABBED: Authorities give an update on the investigation into a brawl that left a teenager fatally stabbed in Nassau County. More: https://7ny.tv/2lUTWgS

Posted by ABC7NY on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Police stated that there were between 50 and 70 young people at the strip mall when the fight started who began recording once the fight started between two groups of teens. After Morris was stabbed many of those teens continued to record and posted the footage on social media apps including SnapChat.

Keyanna Morris explained that her brother had walked a girl home from a party the previous weekend and received “threatening messages” from this girl’s ex-boyfriend after. "He told me that someone was threatening him," said Keyanna Morris. "But he's like, ‘I'm not worried about it. I told him, I don't want anything ... I don't want your girl. It's nothing like that. I just walked her home.’ ”

She said that while her brother wasn’t looking for a fight he also wasn’t going to run away. "He knew the one boy wanted to fight him," she said. "Khaseen is like, ‘OK, if you beat me up, fine.’ ”She went on to add that her brother didn’t know that the fight would involve so many people saying, "No one knew he was going to bring a million people out there — and a knife."

Det. Lt. Fitzpatrick also noted in the press conference that a number of teens had already come forward to help identify the suspects, and warned anyone else involved to turn themselves before the police come to arrest them. "The individuals who are responsible for this, if you're not a part and parcel to the murder of Khaseen Morris, now's the time to get in touch with us and let us know who did this and why," said Fitzpatrick. "If you were just coming here and thinking you were fighting, and then he got stabbed during that, you need to be out in front of that. After I put handcuffs on you, that ship has sailed."

Police have since arrested and charged 18-year-old Tyler Flach with second-degree murder in the death of Khaseen Morris, CBS News reports. They were able to identify Flach from the videos taken of the fight. Still, many are critical of those who chose to film a young teenager dying instead of doing anything they could to help.

Keyanna Morris told Buzzfeed News that her family will be forever changed because of her little brother’s murder. "Khaseen was loved by everyone and literally loved everyone," she said. "He always said he would change the world. He wanted the world to be so much better than it was. Didn't matter if you were black, white, Hispanic, gay, straight, he loved every color." She said although her family had just moved and her brother had attended his new school for just two weeks, his impact will be long-lasting. "These kids even said they want to change, and they want to put their phones down now and actually help," Morris said. "Because I guess they realize now if they would've put their phones down, Khaseen would've probably made it."

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