Kendra Wilkinson Gets Real About The Pain Of Packing Up Her Things Amid Divorce

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Kendra Wilkinson is starting over. And we know starting over is never easy. After filing for divorce from her husband, former football player Hank Baskett in April, Kendra is moving out of their home. Or at least, that is what her latest Instagram post leads us to believe. In her Instagram Story on Monday, Wilkinson shared a photo of an empty box.

"I'm starting to box things up and my heart can't hurt any more...I worked so hard for my home." the photo read.

PEOPLE reports that the Instagram Story also included a shot of pictures of Wilkinson's two children, Hank and Alijah. “My pride and joy wall is coming down,” she captioned the photo.

Kendra has never been one to hide anything from her fans. In another Instagram post on Monday, she went a little deeper with how she's been doing since the announcing her divorce. The picture, which features Wilkinson and her two children in the pool, she writes:

"I’m doing the best i can in my life with the cards I’ve been dealt and i will continue to do that. I’m hurt because the world i thought was promised to me forever is now coming to an end."

Many of the pictures on Kendra's Instagram feed feature her children, so it's clear that she is making them her top priority during what is obviously a very difficult time. A few weeks ago, she shared a picture celebrating Alijah's fourth birthday. Alijah is dressed in a unicorn outfit and smiling while holding rainbow balloons. So, even in the face of sadness, they have plenty to celebrate.

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The divorce ends an eight year marriage between Wilkinson and Baskett. Things started to change after a 2014 scandal. Wilkinson took to Instagram to reveal that they had begun the process of separating and subsequently divorcing. In a post on April 6th, she revealed that the couple was officially no longer married. She makes in clear that even though their marriage ended, things were amicable. "U will prob see us together a lot but it’s because there’s no hate," she says.

While there are not a lot of details about the divorce settlement, E! News reports that Kendra Wilkinson is requesting joint legal and physical custody. When filing for divorce, she cited "irreconcilable differences," listing the date of separation as January 1st. This was following weeks of cryptic social media posts that made is seem like something was happening between the two.

Hank Baskett has yet to comment on anything regarding the divorce. A source told E! News that there was no specific incident that caused the divorce, rather it was just a culmination of a lot of different factors. Kendra Wilkinson has made it clear that she still loves Baskett, but sometimes things just don't work out.

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