Kendra Wilkinson Is Looking For A ‘Family Man’ After Divorce

We can't imagine it's easy to maintain a healthy relationship when you live in the public eye. Sure, there are plenty of celeb couples who seem to make it work, and do it well. But when you're a star and you have the added pressures of fame to contend with, it's hard to keep your focus on your relationship. And we all know just how much goes in to a marriage! So it's sadly not a surprise when we hear about celeb couples calling it quits. We're not judging anyone for ending their marriage - we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors, and it's infinitely better to be be on your own than in a marriage or relationship that wasn't good for you. Still, it's hard to watch someone go through it, even if it's from afar.

One of our favorite reality TV stars, Kendra Wilkinson, recently finalized her divorce from Hank Baskett, who she was married to for nine years and with whom she has two kids. Kendra has come a long way since her time as Hugh Hefner's ditzy girlfriend on Girls Next Door, and she's been through a lot in the last couple of years! But that doesn't mean she's closing the door on finding love again, according to her friend Jessica Hall. But Kendra has some very specific criteria this time around.

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At a recent event. Kendra's friend Jessica Hall spilled some deets on what Kendra is looking for in a new relationship. Jessica says that ultimately, Kendra really wants a down-to-earth family man, someone who isn't about the spotlight or being famous or successful. Kendra herself is a very simple gal, and just wants someone to enjoy the simpler things in life with, like camping and cooking with the kids. As a mother of two, it's no surprise that Kendra's idea of the perfect man would be someone who fit seamlessly into her life as a mom, and who valued spending time together as a family.

But don't think that Kendra is out trawling for that family man right now. She's enjoying her time, and focusing on her kiddos and career. And she's probably not to keen on adding to her family anytime soon with more kids. Jessica says that if she met the right man, it's certainly a possibility. But Kendra's heart is full being a mom to Hank IV, 9, and Alijah, 5.

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