Kelly Clarkson's Kids Had Some Adorable Questions For Jason Mamoa

If we thought that the new Kelly Clarkson talk show couldn’t get any better, they proved us wrong. If we also thought that Jason Momoa couldn’t get any dreamier, we were also wrong. The Game of Thrones and Aquaman legend recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show and was joined by two of his biggest (or smallest) fans.

Kelly Clarkson had brought her two young children, River (5) and Remy (3) to work that day and a whole bunch of adorableness ensued. As big a star as Jason Momoa is, the spotlight was on the two adorable children who were there.

Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show; NBC

The whole interaction started after Kelly Clarkson told Jason that her two kids were incredibly huge fans of him in his portrayal of Aquaman. Kelly asked Jason if she could bring them out to meet him, and he was immediately hooked. “I would love to meet your kids!” was his response.

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When the two appeared on the stage, River, the older child, immediately was wrapped up in a hug from Jason. The whole world was instantly jealous of a 5-year-old. The younger one, Remy, was a little more nervous and chose to go to his mom first.

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River was incredibly excited but a little nervous as she admitted that she had forgotten her question. She was just so overwhelmed to be in Jason’s presence. It took a little time, but River composed herself and remembered her very important question; “do you know the little mermaid?” Jason, ever the sweetheart, replied that he did know Ariel and that she was very sweet.

As if everyone’s ovaries were not exploding yet, Jason then ran his hand through little Remy’s hair and told him that Ariel was also a redhead, and that he would have to teach him about redheads one day. He added that they were very passionate people.

Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show; NBC

Jason did not leave the show with just memories, he also left with a homemade card that River had coloured for him. The second question that River asked Aquaman was even more adorable. She asked him where he goes to the bathroom. Jason replied by saying everywhere. Which makes sense because Aquaman is in water all the time.

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