Model Slams Working Moms For Using ‘Kids As An Excuse Not To Do Their Jobs Properly'

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British model Kelly Brook has infuriated mothers everywhere after insinuating that some women use their children as an excuse to slack off at work during an appearance on the UK talk show Loose Women.

Brook shared her "pet hate" with the other panelists and immediately drew criticism online for her comments.

“I don’t have children so I don’t always understand,” Brook stated before seemingly attacking working mothers specifically for having other responsibilities. "But I do work with some women that if they can't make an appointment or can't do something, or there is a deadline, and some people will always say, 'Oh, it's because I have to wash the baby or feed the kids' or 'I've got to do the school run.'"

Brook seemed to take another shot at working mothers will her follow up comment. "Others have kids and you never even hear about the kids," she continued.

"They are very professional, and I love that. I just think women shouldn't use kids as an excuse not to do their job properly. I think it's nobody's business. If you can't meet the demands of your job, don't blame your kids," she declared.

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Understandably, people were not amused. Many took to social media to sound off on Brook's comments, especially since she has no children herself therefore no clue how difficult it is to be a working mother.

Many called out the model for reinforcing a way of thinking that only makes it more difficult for parents to be effective in their job. Some implied that if we were more understanding of how difficult it is to be a working parent and more willing to allow for flexibility in the workforce parents would be more effective.

Others simply called the model 'ignorant' for commenting on a situation she has no experience with.

Many took offence to the fact that Brook chose to only single out working mothers, making no mention of working fathers or the fact they also have to juggle work with children. Commenters were quick to point out this is one of the main reasons so many mothers struggle to achieve that balance.

Brook opened up in January in an interview on Loose Women about wishing she had started her family earlier.

“I spent so much of my time focusing on my career and making money,” she said on the talk show. “That was such focus, that, actually, having a family was kind of left behind. Now I’m in late thirties, I feel like, actually I wish I had thought more about having children earlier.”

Perhaps if she did she wouldn't be making such comments.

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