Mom’s Warning Goes Viral After Daughter Accidentally Eats A Peanut Butter Cookie

Having a child with a peanut allergy means a lifetime of label reading and being ultra vigilant about everything that goes in to your child's mouth. You have to ensure that even the parents of your child's friends are aware of their potentially life threatening allergy and hope that everyone around your child takes their allergy as seriously as you do.

Kellie Travers-Stafford's 15-year-old daughter Alexi had a peanut allergy and died in June after eating a cookie she mistook to be "safe," when in fact it contained peanut butter. Now Travers-Stafford is sharing her heartbreaking story with other parents to warn them about the importance of always reading labels and hopeful that the company will change its packaging to prevent another tragedy like this from ever happening again.

Our hearts are broken and we are still in shock. Our whole lives we dedicated to keeping our child safe from one...

Posted by Kellie Travers-Stafford on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Travers-Stafford explains that Alexi was at a friends house when she spotted a package of Chips Ahoy cookies on the counter. "She ate one cookie of chewy Chips Ahoy thinking it was safe because of the “red” packaging, only to find out too late that there was an added ingredient.... Reese peanut butter cups/chips," the heartbroken mother wrote in her now viral post.

She explained that after feeling "tingling in her mouth" Alexi came straight home. "Her condition rapidly deteriorated. She went into Anaphylactic shock, stopped breathing and went unconscious. We administered 2 epi pens while she was conscious and waited on paramedics for what felt like an eternity."

Tragically, Alexi died within an hour and a half of eating the cookie, leaving her parents frustrated with the cookie company over their packaging. Travers-Stafford wrote that she was "diligent" when it came to reading labels, and had taught her daughters what foods were "safe" and what weren't. She's angry that the company didn't call out the added ingredient of peanut butter cups more prominently on the packaging, and hopes that Alexi's tragic death may bring about change.

"A small added indication on the pulled back flap on a familiar red package wasn’t enough to call out to her that there was 'peanut product' in the cookies before it was too late."

My precious sweet daughter , What I’d give to kiss you a thousand times more Tomorrow will be impossible Know that we are okay and smiling as all the wonderful memories flood our hearts 😘 #shmexyLexi

Posted by Kellie Travers-Stafford on Sunday, July 1, 2018

The grieving mom is sharing her story on Facebook in hopes that it will prevent any other parent from suffering the way her family is. Her post has since gone viral and has been shared more than 70 thousand times.

"It’s important to us to spread awareness so that this horrible mistake doesn’t happen again."

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