10 Ways To Keep Your Kid Hydrated During Summer

Summer is the first sign that school is over for our kids. This gives them a lot more time to do what they want every day, and that only means they get to play longer hours compared to when they have school. That's all good; they deserve it after a long school year of studying and doing homework. But as the weather gets warmer, and we noticed that summer has been hotter the past few years compared to our summers as a kid, we should be vigilant in making sure our kids don't fall victim to dehydration in their free and fun days. Here are 10 ways to keep our children hydrated during summertime.

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10 Have A Talk First

We can do this on their last week of school. It's the perfect time to sit them down and talk to them now that school is almost over and summer is right around the corner. Apart from summer plans we have for them, we can also tell them what they can do for fun in the neighborhood. It's also time to lay down some summer rules for the children, then insert the importance of hydration and how summer could get them sick if they are not careful. Reiterate the fact that if they do not follow the rules, they might get sick and won't enjoy the summer in its entirety.

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9 A Big Breakfast

As soon as our kids wake up on the first day of summer and realize there's no school that day, they will get up with think that it's playtime all day. Let's always prepare a nice big breakfast for the kids. It is, after all, the most important meal of the day. So let's get them hydrated with their first meal. This should get them charged and ready for the active day ahead. Serve them skim milk, which has a lot of water content. Fruits for breakfast are a great idea, too. Let's try serving them cut-up watermelon, peaches, and oranges.

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8 Invest In Water Bottles

Reusing water bottles is always a wonderful idea for recycling purposes, but sometimes it's hard to pack a water bottle and make the kids take them wherever they go. So it's a good idea to invest in a summer water bottle. Shop with the kids, let them choose what kind they want, then get their commitment that they're going to use it every day before we purchase it for them. Get the ones with the straps so they can sling them on their person if they're going biking or hiking or whatever it is that kids do outside for fun nowadays.

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7 Set Up A Water Station Where They Play

Kids will tell you they were too busy playing and they forget to drink water, or they will say the kitchen's too far away. Solve that problem by setting up a water station outside. This water station has to have a sprinkle of imagination, set's dig up some effort and creativity so our kids and their friends will notice the new water station, a glance away from where they are playing. Use colorful themes, whatever cartoon character is famous that summer season. We can set up audio or music if we can pull it off, whatever gets their attention and reminds them to fuel up while playing.

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6 Avoid Salty Food For Lunch

We might want to adjust our menu for summer to help kids get hydrated while getting nourishment at the stroke of lunchtime. The most effective adjustment we can make in terms of lunch food is to lessen the salt in them. Salty food demands water when absorbed by our bodies, so remove a dash or a pinch when cooking. We can serve the same kinds of fruits for dessert, ones with lots of water content that we served during breakfast. The most important thing is that the kids eat lots, so let's focus on the food they like and tweak from there.

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5 Sports Drink For The Active Child

Gatorade and Powerade are sports drinks that help in replenishing the electrolytes lost while doing a physically demanding activity. These kids playing outside non-stop, that's their job right now this summer season, they are professional "play"-ers. They need the same refreshment as professional athletes because they are just as active, probably sweaty and losing moisture. If we are not comfortable letting our kids drink these kinds of sports drink, we can choose healthier pediatric electrolyte solutions. There are also sugar-free powder solutions packed with electrolytes and substances that reinvigorate a tired body. There are also homemade remedies that we can try to boost electrolytes and help re-hydrate our ultra-active kids.

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4 Juice And Other Refreshments With Snacks

Electrolyte drinks and water can lose its appeal and can get very stale real fast, especially with children who like nothing more than to play and play, and play some more. We need to get their attention somehow, catch their eye with colorful drinks like fruit juices and smoothies. We can buy some nice and colorful juice packs specifically designed to attract a kid’s attention. We can also use straws, little umbrellas, and other garnishes that could be eye-catching to our thirsty children. Pair them with healthy snacks to give them energy and they're all set for another round of play.

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3 Play Games That Involve Water

If we have a swimming pool in the house, then problem solved. But there are plenty of other games that involve water if a pool is not a viable option. We can have them play with squirt guns and have a good old-fashioned water fight. Fashion bombs or grenades using water balloons, and get the hose ready as the "gatling gun". Anything to get them to have a break from the heat of the sun would help in re-hydrating their bodies.

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2 Stay Clean And Fresh

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Kids move and play non-stop and their clothes get soaked in sweat all the time. A part of hydration is the sensation of feeling cool and fresh. Let's get ready with a change of clothes for our kids for when they get soaked, and a wet hand towel to clean them up real quick before changing them. A quick cool bath in the afternoon is also a great way to end the day of physical activities, then ask them how their day was for some actual face time with them. Play, rinse, repeat: that's the key to a safe summer for our children.

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1 Drink Vitamins

Kids can drink their vitamins or take a chewable to get them charged for the day. Summer is also the season for maladies like hay fever, so it's better to shield our kids and armor up with vitamins. Multivitamin syrups are good, allowing kids to have the extra energy for a busy day. Vitamin C is also advisable to take during hot summers, but if they’re getting that from the fruits we’re serving them, then all is great! The needed vitamin intake during summer would also be Vitamin A, E, and D. Let's cover all the bases and get those good vitamins for the kids.

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