Man Called Hero After Saving His Drunk Girlfriend's Lashes And Labeling Them 'Left' And 'Right'

Not all heroes wear capes, as one woman found after taking off her false eyelashes after a night of enjoying a few libations. Finding a partner that truly appreciates one's beauty products and respects them is one thing, but this woman's boyfriend really went above and beyond to help save this woman's false eyelashes.

Twitter user Keani Babas recently posted a photo of her fake eyelashes laid out with care on a piece of paper towel, noting that after taking them off while drunk, her boyfriend was sweet enough to take care of them for her. Not only did her boyfriend place her lashes on the paper towel, but he even labeled them 'left' and 'right'.

Twitter clearly appreciates a man who knows the value of a woman's fake eyelashes because the post has already garnered almost 200,000 likes and over 23,000 retweets! We stan a boyfriend who knows how much lashes can mean to a woman!

Babas' post was flooded with comments like "girl he LOVES you," and "stoppppp he’s not real," about her sweet boyfriend, whom she called out as Peter Vincent. Babas commented on Twitter writing, "ik sweetest boy I ever met :’)" Another was certain that this gesture made Vincent the marrying type. "Oh so y’all are getting married. Such a keeper it’s the small gestures that really get me," they wrote.

Most people were impressed that Vincent was thoughtful enough to save his girlfriend's lashes, while others were unsure why he labelled them left and right when oftentimes lashes are made for either eye. "Does it actually matter if it’s left or right or they both work for either side? I wouldn’t know," wrote one curious commenter. "Lol! I never wear lashes so I was like umm aren’t lashes like a sock type situation??" wrote another. Beauty experts were quick to chime in that many lashes are actually specific to a certain eye.

Babas even took to Twitter to post a picture of herself wearing her lashes, and even offered a discount code for those who wanted to buy a pair for themselves.

She even commented that the reason she promoted the site where she bought the lashes wasn't because she was making money off it, she simply wanted to give the site more exposure now that her tweet had gone viral.

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