Katie Holmes Praised For Sharing Her Unedited Pics, Stretch Marks And All

Katie Holmes received praise for sharing her unedited pictures that also openly showed her stretch marks. The actress posted the snap on her Instagram a few days ago, which she took from a photoshoot with Vogue Australia.

Katie, 40, posted two black and white pictures from behind-the-scenes of the Vogue photoshoot. In the first photo, she poses while seated, wearing an all-black combination of loose pants, oversized blazer, and bra. In the second snap, Holmes is standing while confidently showing off her beauty and stretch marks. The few stretch marks on the unedited photo are visible on her stomach, and her fans appreciated that she showed her natural body.

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According to Cosmopolitan, many followers on her account posted comments approving and praising Holmes for embracing and showing off her body exactly as it was. Other users showed their support and thanked her for being real. Another commenter attributed the stretch marks to when Katie was pregnant and praised her for displaying her warrior marks that also reflected a mother’s true beauty.

Celebrities and others in the media tend to face a lot of scrutinies that aims to attack any imperfection shown. Katie showing her unedited pictures in public received a lot of love from supporters who have come to accept that marks and scars are part of their bodies. Women, in particular, have a hard time considering stretch marks as a natural side effect of pregnancy or growing and end up feeling shame and insecure about their bodies.

However, aside from Holmes, many female celebrities like Courtney Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen are embracing their natural bodies and posting more unedited pictures that show their natural bodies. They confidently show every stretch mark that they have, which encourages regular women who seek unrealistic perfection to embrace their natural bodies.

The post and resulting feedback reflect the pressures that modern society has on having and maintaining a flawless body. People expect perfection, especially from celebrities, and forget that they are human beings with bodies that go through natural changes. Pregnancy, for instance, can cause stretch marks and permanently change a woman's body. Understanding these changes as being healthy and a natural part of aging will help people to be less judgmental and demanding. Instead, they can put aside their photoshop skills and grow to appreciate the signs of life that their bodies curve.

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