Mom Calls Out Husband For Using Pooping As His 'Get Out Of Jail Free Card'

If you've ever been frustrated by a husband who starts different chores around the house only to have nature call, leaving you with finishing those chores, you will definitely appreciate this. For anyone that has ever felt like their husband, partner or significant other spends a lot of time in the bathroom, or that they have to go to the bathroom at the most inconvenient times, it can be incredibly annoying. After all, mothers are the queens of multitasking and there's no way they could spend more than a minute or two in the bathroom without children banging on the door or dinner boiling over, yet husbands often get to spend as much as 20 uninterrupted minutes in the bathroom.

Katherine Thornalley writes the popular blog Mrs. Mombastic and recently she wrote about her frustration with her husband who conveniently had to visit the bathroom shortly after starting to make breakfast for the family. "At approximately 8:23, my husband started to make breakfast," she explained. "He put the bread in the toaster, the eggs on the hob.... then turned to me and said “I have to poo.” This phrase usually requires no further explanation. It’s like his ‘get out of jail free card’. It’s his way of saying “I’m done here. You finish it."

At this point, women everywhere are nodding their heads in agreement, having experienced something similar in their own home. However this time, Thornalley had enough and decided that her husband would have to wait to answer nature's call until he was done with the task at hand. She wrote that this is an excuse she has never used and as an adult, she is able to wait until it's convenient for her to visit the restroom. Again, something most mothers can relate to. So this time, she explained that she would be trying a new tactic. "But this morning I tried a different approach to tackling the parenting tactic that my husband so expertly practices....I told him “NO”."

It’s 8:30 am in the Mombastic household, and something has happened that needs documenting. At approximately 8:23, my...

Posted by Mrs. Mombastic on Saturday, July 20, 2019

"And you know what? By some divine power he actually managed to complete cooking breakfast, empty the dishwasher AND have a further conversation with me about the state of the roads in this country WITHOUT shitting his pants. Incredible, isn’t it?" she wrote. "Turns out it IS possible for dads to wait until the task in hand is completed before using the toilet after all."

Thornalley's post quickly went viral with thousands of women chiming in on the comments section about how they deal with the same situations in their own home.

"This is crucial information! This problem cuts short, shopping trips, chores, pretty much anything. This is a revelation," wrote one commenter. "Love this. Absolutely fantastic. Exactly the same in my house!! You made me laugh out loud," wrote another. Others shared the excuses their own husbands used that were similar. "I started calling my youngest "the Laxative" because quite often when I ask my husband to look after her while I do something, he suddenly needs a poo," wrote one mother. "It's the same in our house. No task can be completed, nor indeed started until The Man Poo has taken place. In private. With the door locked. What's more, The Man Poo cannot happen without help from the mobile phone. Resulting in 20 minutes of quiet time..." was another hilarious post.

Next time your husband uses the "poo excuse" at the most inconvenient time, try Thornalley's "no" method and see how that works out.

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