Kat Von D Sets The Record Straight About Her Stance On Vaccines

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If you've been keeping up with celebrity news, you would have likely heard about Kat Von D and her decision to not vaccinate her unborn child. Naturally, her comments caused quite a bit of controversy. The decision to not vaccinate your child is incredibly dangerous, for a host of reasons. Not protecting your children from preventable diseases leads to the spread of diseases that have been largely eradicated thanks to vaccines.

Some people will argue that vaccinating your kids is a "personal choice," but really, it is not a very wise choice. It seems though, that Kat Von D is amending her original stance on vaccines and vaccinating her child.

I knew the minute we announced our pregnancy that we would be bombarded with unsolicited advice. Some good and some questionable - unsolicited none the less. I also was prepared for the backlash and criticism we would get if we decided to be open about our personal approach to our pregnancy. My own Father flipped out on me when I told him we decided to ditch our doctor and go with a midwife instead. If you don’t know what it’s like have people around you think you are ridiculous, try being openly vegan. And, if you don’t know what it’s like to have the entire world openly criticize, judge, throw uninformed opinions, and curse you - try being an openly pregnant vegan on Instagram, having a natural, drug-free home birth in water with a midwife and doula, who has the intention of raising a vegan child, without vaccinations. My point being: I already know what it’s like to make life choices that are not the same as the majority. So your negative comments are not going influence my choices - actual research and educating myself will - which i am diligently doing. This is my body. This is our child. And this is our pregnancy journey. Feel free to follow me on here if you like what I’m about - whether it’s tattooing, lipstick, Animal Rights, sobriety, feminism, ridiculous gothiness, black flower gardening, cats, or my adorable husband. But if you don’t dig a certain something about what I post, i kindly ask that you press the unfollow button and move the fuck on. So before anyone of you feel inspired to tell me how to do this, I would appreciate you keeping your unsolicited criticism to yourself. More importantly, for those who have amazing positive energy to send my way, I will gladly and graciously receive it with love! X

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On Von D's original Instagram post, her initial point was highlighting all of the unsolicited advice she has been receiving since announcing her pregnancy. All new moms, especially those who are first time moms, are used to hearing all kinds of advice. We have learned how to nod along and say "thank you," even if we have no plans to follow it. But, it can get incredibly annoying to constantly deal with it. And if you have very clear ideas on how you want to raise your child, then yes, you don't want to hear it.

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But after Von D's claims to not vaccinate, the comments were filled with people who were calling her out on her choice. Many felt that she was being irresponsible. She did mention that she was doing her own research on the topic, but since the internet is full of conspiracy theories and misinformation, it is understandable that saying you're doing research is still concerning. She did not clarify what she meant by research, but her new followup post, she explains that everything isn't so "black and white."

My husband @prayers and I are NOT anti-vaxxers. We are not against vaccines. Just because we have hesitancies and valid concerns about injecting our baby with specific chemicals and toxins does not mean we are anti anything. As a soon-to-be-parent [and especially as a first-time-mom] I do feel it my responsibility to have questions, and to listen to my motherly instinct to question things, and do my research. What we have found is that sometimes it isn’t always so black and white. While we believe medications, including vaccines, are not all bad - we also can’t dismiss the fact that some may not be good for everyone. There are plenty of studies that show some vaccinations can work wonders. And there are also studies that show some people [including mothers, and babies] may be more susceptible to vaccine injuries more than others. It’s unfair for anyone to expect me [or any parent] to take the word of the pharmaceutical companies who have much to gain from and industry worth billions without question - and then have to dismiss any concerns of my own. Our personal medical records are no one’s business, and why we would feel it important for us to explore all our options when it comes to vaccinating our child, is also no one’s business - regardless of what I post on Instagram. So, perhaps before any of you feel inspired to harass us, spew hatred, or send ill-will our way, I hope you would try and understand that this is our first child together, and we are simply just trying our best. Lastly, I don’t plan on continuing this topic, and have no interest in fighting anyone. As much as I hate doing this, I will be turning off the comments on this post - and I think you would too, if you were constantly receiving death wishes onto your unborn child. I am sending extra love to everyone today. X

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She explains that she and her husband are not anti-vaxxers, and that they merely have concerns about what the vaccines may contain. As first time parents, they just want to make sure they're making the right decisions. We can't really fault them for that. "I do feel it my responsibility to have questions, and to listen to my motherly instinct to question things, and do my research," she says.

Kat Von D is a vegan, and is planning to raise her child the same way, so that could also be a factor in her decision making process. Hopefully she has had time to speak with medical professionals and now has a better understanding of vaccines. She adds that people were also sending her death threats, and wishing ill will and harm on her and her child, which is NEVER okay, regardless of the topic.

"I hope you would try and understand that this is our first child together, and we are simply just trying our best."

Perhaps this means that she has broadened her scope of thinking and is now reconsidering her choice. We sure hope so.

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