Kardashian-West Kids: 8 Things To Know About North, 8 About Saint (And 6 About Chicago)

Whether you love or aren't a fan of them, Kim and Kanye are one of the celebrity world’s must-watch couples. From fashion to music to parenting, the couple does it all, and in front of the cameras. So when they started having kids, everyone who’s a fan snapped to attention.

Superstars like the Kardashian-Wests welcoming babies and being covered in spit up (and worse) just like the rest of us? It’s almost impossible to believe, but it’s true: the two are now parents to North, Saint, and Chicago.

Beyond completely spoiling their kids with exorbitantly priced miniature fashions and jet-setting vacations all over the world, Kim and Kanye seem to be parenting their brood in impressively normal ways. They deal with sibling rivalry and balancing out their three kids’ needs, they manage illnesses and doctor visits, and they make it a point to spend time together as a family.

But what we really want to know is who are the Kardashian-West kids, and what can we expect from them in the future? Of course, they’re all five and under right now, but we’re sure there are big things coming. For now, here are things to know about the Kardashian-West kids: eight about North, eight about Saint, and six about Chicago (hey, she’s only a baby!).

Baby North:

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22 North Rocks High Fashion


As the offspring of a couple who’s famous for their high fashion, it’s not surprising that North rocks her own custom duds. She’s also showcased her fashion sense apart from adorable tutus topped with leather jackets. It’s not just attending fashion shows with her parents, either.

North has walked in her own mini fashion show, thanks to mama Kim backing her at the L.O.L. Surprise Fashion Show. CNN reported that Kim explained North dressed up as the LOL Doll “Thrilla,” who imitates Michael Jackson’s iconic style. Of course, North was also part of the July 2018 Fendi campaign, which is kind of a big deal, too.

21 She Gives Interviews (And Attitude)


By now you’ve likely heard about North’s interviews with the press. Of course, she also gives attitude to the paparazzi that are constantly after her famous family, notoriously saying “no pictures” at one point. From many of the paparazzi snaps, you can see North’s feisty attitude, and it doesn’t take a caption to understand what she’s really trying to say. Then again, we’ve all seen the photo of her having a tantrum at a fashion show—it’s clear she’s got plenty of personality to carry her through her family’s high-profile life.

You would probably develop a thick skin and plenty of sass, too, if paparazzi were constantly shouting your name.

20 Her First Real Interview Was At Age Four


North has plenty of opinions, and she’s not shy about sharing them with interviewers. Now that she’s old enough to really speak for herself, North has given her wise perspective on a number of topics. At the age of four, she was on the cover of Interview magazine with mama Kim, dressed up in a Kennedy-themed photoshoot. She also answered a number of questions about her eating habits, her favorite music (spoiler: it’s one of dad Kanye’s songs), and more.

Elle reported that the tot told interviewers that her favorite food is cheese, she carries makeup in her purse, and that she’s a great big sister to little brother, Saint.

19 North Made An Entrance


Although by the time Chicago arrived, everyone knew Kim had struggled with her second pregnancy with Saint, she didn’t talk much about North’s delivery. But according to multiple sources, North arrived prematurely, making an entrance just like her famous parents. When North was born, Today reported that the couple didn’t confirm exactly how far along Kim was. Rather, they speculated that Kim and Kanye had given a false due date—of July—to throw off paparazzi. But the fact that the couple didn’t immediately announce North’s arrival seemed to reinforce the idea that she may have been five weeks early, reportedly weighing less than five pounds.

18 She Graced Vogue At A Record Age

The Independent

North was just 10 months old when she debuted in the fashion mag Vogue. Of course, she wasn’t wearing a whole lot in the way of fashion at that point—but still, the tot rode on her parents’ famous coattails all the way into a two-page spread that showed bits of her bare bum.

But that wasn’t the only fashion magazine the toddler graced—she was also in the CR Fashion Book, wearing a Chanel sweater and carrying a tiny purse fit for a toddler of her stature. But that was only the beginning for North, as she grew to own a larger collection of purses, plus every Yeezy shoe known to man, and more.

17 Her Clothes Are Custom-Made


But did you expect less from the most famous tot in town? Of course, dad Kanye has his own clothing line, so it would make sense for North to have nearly every piece from the Yeezy collection. But of course, she’s also graced with designer duds from plenty of fashion icons in the industry—most likely so that those designers will gain even more notoriety for clothing the uber-fashionable tot. And then there’s the mommy-and-me trend; Kim often dresses North up in miniature versions of her outfits, including pieces like an $11,000 Vetements dress, Teen Vogue reported.

16 Her Name Was Chosen For Unique Reasons


Remember when Kim was pregnant and solicited naming advice for her soon-to-be tot? One of the suggestions was actually North, and it seems the name really appealed to Kim and Kanye. Of course, it’s also iconic in its own way—have you ever heard of a kid named North before?

Although family members and friends apparently like to call her Nori, you can bet her name made headlines when she first arrived—and it will continue to, no doubt. But Daily Mail reported that Kim originally denied they were considering the name North, amid negative talk on social media about their recently born baby girl. Later, the couple explained they chose North because it meant highest power, and their daughter was the pinnacle of their success.

15 North Loves Seeing Girls With “Her” Hair

Harper's Bazaar

With the combination of both mom and dad’s goods looks, North has got it made when it comes to genes. But Kim acknowledged that raising a “mixed-race daughter” wasn’t exactly easy, Elle reported. However, Kim was conscious of the fact that North needs to be around people who “look like” her, including dad Kanye’s family.

Kim told the mag that when North, then four, saw other people with curly hair like hers, she would run up to them and get excited. At the same time, family doesn’t let her feel left out—she’s still BFFs with cousin Penelope, who definitely admires North’s fashion sense, including her unique hairstyles.

Baby Saint:

14 Saint Schooled Mom On Car Seat Safety

Us Weekly

Remember when Kim K shared this snap of her son Saint in his car seat? Sure, he’s cute and all, but what Kim didn’t realize at the time was that she was breaking the law. Because the law states that kids under two have to be rear-facing in their car seats, Kim wasn’t doing right by her little guy in facing him forward at 18 months old. And while Us Magazine reported that Kim defended the decision to forward face him by explaining how big he was, it’s still unlikely that Saint was over the 40-pound and 40-inch minimums set by that state.

Of course, we can only hope that the controversy helped Kim fix the car seat mistakes with Saint and her next baby, too.

13 His Pregnancy Was Tough On Kim


By now you know that Kim chose to have a surrogate to birth her third baby because of health concerns. But it was her pregnancy and delivery with Saint that caused her to opt out of childbirth herself.

Right after baby Saint was born, NY Daily News reported that Kim said this would “definitely” be her last pregnancy. Though she had preeclampsia with North, Kim fared worse with Saint, undergoing an external version to get the breech baby to flip. That alone is uncomfortable and potentially painful and dangerous—but it also made Kim go into labor weeks earlier than expected.

12 He’s BFFs With Big Sis North


Although the arrival of Kimye’s third child threw a wrench in the works as far as sibling harmony, Kim admitted that North had a tough time with Saint’s birth, too. At first, she shared IG snaps of North holding Saint’s hand, quoting the then-two-year-old as saying “He’s my best friend.” She did struggle with jealousy for a while, though, Kim acknowledged, but by the time Chicago arrived, North and Saint were best buds again. The two loved bath time together—and still did nearing North’s fifth birthday—but of course, they’ll have to make room for Chicago soon, too!

11 Saint Matches Mom, Too

Harper's Bazaar

If you thought North’s mini-Kim fashions were over the top, consider that Saint also has outfits made to match his mama. Nicki Swift reported that Saint has a custom-made leather bomber jacket that is just like his mom’s—and pieces in that collection retail for $1,500 and more. And as you may have expected, Saint started life off right wearing shoes from his dad’s Yeezy collection.

There was also the $23,000 Birkin bag that Kim claimed was too big for a handbag for her—so she decided to use it as a diaper bag for her middle tot instead.

10 His First Photo Fetched Millions

Praise 104.1

Well technically, it didn’t fetch anything because Kimye turned down offers of up to $2.5 million for photos of baby Saint. But the Kardashian family does their baby announcements big—and Kim debuted baby Saint on her personal app and website rather than selling the snaps to a magazine. This way, she likely boosted subscribers to her site and app, which Nicki Swift reported were poised to take in $32 million in the first year Kim released the services. Of course, it might not be long before Saint has his very own app—or at least his own social media accounts.

9 Dad Nailed The Name

Us Weekly

According to Nicki Swift, Kanye had the final say when it came to his new son’s name—much like he wielded the veto power over Kim’s top picks with North. The publication quoted a source as saying Kanye believes people live up to their names, so not only is Saint significant for that reason, but the family also felt like the baby boy was a total blessing. And while most parents feel that way about their tots, the Kardashian-West clan had even more to appreciate since Kim’s pregnancy and delivery were so tough. But it did take the couple a few days post-birth to agree on a moniker, as they waited two days to tweet Saint’s name to their adoring fans.

8 Baby Genius Stuck In The Middle

Kardashians Wiki

Even before the arrival of little sister Chicago, Saint was already holding his own in a family of moguls. According to a Tweet from mama Kim, Nicki Swift reported, the toddler was able to spell the word “gargantuan” at only two years old. And while we don’t have proof of this fact, we suppose it’s possible that baby Saint was a true genius from the start. Then again, it may have just been some genius coaching by his parents that resulted in that proud tweet, but either way, there will definitely be great things coming from Saint in the future—spelling bee or not.

7 He's The Reason Kim Chose A Surrogate


Of course, Kim’s first pregnancy was no walk in the park either, what with her preeclampsia and issues with the placenta. And after North came early, it was sort of expected that Kim would struggle with Saint’s birth, too. And she was induced before her due date, about four weeks early, some sources say. Still, Saint was born at a healthy eight-pound weight, but that doesn’t mean Kim was given the all-clear to keep having kids.

She told interviewers during the pregnancy that she wouldn’t be birthing any more children, but that adoption was still on the table—but we now know she took a different route to have baby number three.

Baby Chicago:

6 Baby Names Were Tough


Although Kim and Kanye announced their third child’s name following her birth in January 2018, by August, Kim was having regrets. Officially, their daughter’s name is Chicago West, no middle name. But, as Cosmopolitan reported, Kim later said she felt the name was “too long” and instead took to calling Chicago Chi, pronounced “Shy.” She also posted a selfie of her and her youngest child together, captioning it “Chi Noel.”

Although she and Kanye didn’t agree on adding a middle name, Kim claims she made it Insta-official because she so badly wants Chicago to have a middle name—which also happens to be her middle name, too.

5 Kimye Was Set On Having A Girl


Kim and Kanye literally chose to have another daughter—they got to hand pick the embryo that was transferred to their surrogate. The thing was, they weren’t necessarily going to choose a female embryo. People reported that Kim said of the selection process, “It’s a really tricky thing.”

Ultimately, she told the doctors to “Pick the healthiest one,” which just happened to be a girl. But who knows, maybe it was divine intervention at that point—Kim has also said that she feels like Chicago is her exact mini-me, and that maybe she looks just like mama to ‘make up’ for the fact that they had to use a surrogate.

4 Saint & Chicago Are Best Buds

Reality TV World

Kim revealed in interviews following Saint’s birth that North was having a hard time adjusting. Of course, jealousy is normal with siblings, but apparently North was so eager to get rid of her little brother that she told her mom they needed another baby boy for him—that way she could play on the other side of the house by herself. But instead, she got baby sis Chi, who is apparently just as close with Saint as a parent could hope for.

Most of Kim’s photos show the two younger sibs together, ostensibly while Nori is off doing her own thing.

3 What’s In A Name

E News

Although Kanye’s hometown is Chicago, that wasn’t the reason the couple chose the title for their third child. According to Elite Daily, Kim told Ellen DeGeneres that she prefers one-syllable names, but she’s resorted to shortening Chicago’s name to make it work. But when Ellen asked why she didn’t just choose something shorter, Kim didn’t really have an answer—she noted that Chicago is an important place for her husband, but that the couple had also skimmed a list of family names like Jo, Grace, or Donda (after Kanye’s late mother).

Then again, the couple ultimately decided to give their girl her own name rather than someone else’s to live up to.

2 Three’s A Crowd For The Family

E Entertainment

Though Kim is adamant that she’s done birthing children herself, she’s not completely ruling out having another baby. At the same time, though, People reported Kim as saying “my home and my heart feel really full right now,” following Chicago’s birth. Then again, she’s also said that she’s open to having four kids—but that’s her final limit. Of course, since there are about two years between each of the kids so far, Kim and Kanye have a bit of time before they add a fourth child to their brood, if they keep with the same timeline. And who knows, maybe Chi’s surrogate will volunteer to go another round for Kim and Kanye.

1 Baby Chi’s In Good Company

Information World

Did you really think it was a coincidence that Kim, Khloe, and Kylie all welcomed daughters in the same year? While we’re not entirely sure they planned their babies to be girls (Kim had a good reason, after all), it seems a bit convenient that all three ladies had babies at the same time. And it makes sense for sisters to plan their pregnancies together—plus Kourtney has at least one kiddo who’s the same age as North—so maybe it was intentional.

Whatever the reasoning, it sure is gratifying to see photos of all the babies together—the up-and-coming Kardashian generation is poised and ready for the camera.

Sources: Elle, CNN, Daily Mail, Teen Vogue, Us Magazine, NY Daily News, Nicki Swift, Cosmopolitan, People, Elite Daily

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