Woman Shut Down An Internet Troll By Enlisting Help From His Mom

*Warning: Contains bad words* The internet is a glorious thing and we really wouldn't be where we are without it. It's a source of endless entertainment and information. For a lot of people, it's the only way they keep up with current events and the news, and the way they stay connected to their friends and family around the world. It's also given us to many opportunities to make connections with people we would have never crossed paths with in our daily lives. But it can also be a dank, dark place. Trolls have turned the internet into something else, something troubling and difficult to manage. Being a woman on the internet, especially in certain industries or circles, means having to navigate your way around some truly gross people. It means having to carve out and protect your own space on the internet. A lot of people choose to ignore the trolls, which works for some! But sometimes, you just want to hit back. And as one woman in gaming showed us, one of the best ways to get back at trolls is by telling their moms what their disgusting sons are up to. This is glorious.

Kallie Plagge is the reviews editor at Game Spot, so it should go without saying that she knows her video games! But if Gamergate taught us anything, it's that some men just don't think that women belong in the gaming world. Women in gaming are subjected to hate and vitriol at every turn, and you have to possess a very thick skin to be able to handle the kind of hate they receive. Kallie isn't new to this, and surely has her share of trolls. So she decided to hit back in the best way: by telling on the troll, TO HIS MOM.

Image: Twitter/@inkydojikko

Kallie reviewed a game, and this guy didn't like it, so he reached out to her on Facebook and unleashed some truly horrendous trash into her DM's. So what did Kallie do? Well, she let this guy's mom know what kind of "man" her son was.

Image: Twitter/@inkydojikko

And the mom responded! She apologized for her son's behavior, and assured Kallie that she'd be straightening him out for this disgusting display. We love that she actually responded. But we also hate that this was necessary. And he should have CERTAINLY known that this kind of behavior is unacceptable long before he turned 37. This is kindergarten-level basic manners, right here. Here's hoping mama gave her troll son an earful. He more than deserves it.

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