Kailyn Lowry Threatens To Quit Twitter, Lost Thousands Of Followers After Addressing Jenelle Evans' Split

Kailyn Lowry

It seems there's never a lack of drama in the Teen Mom universe! Just after Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans announced that she had split from her husband of two years, David Eason, Evans' former castmate Kailyn Lowry has threatened a split of her own. Lowry isn't breaking up with a significant other, but rather with Twitter!

Two days ago Lowry started to lose thousands of Twitter followers, and she just keeps losing. On November 2 the reality star noted that she seemed to lose half a million followers overnight.  "I went from 1.4M followers to 912k over night. Y'all really don't f--- w me anymore, huh?" she wrote on Twitter.

The huge drop in followers continued and Lowry began tagging @Twitter in her posts, trying to understand why she was still losing followers.

Some of Lowry's followers tweeted her and suggested that the drop in numbers was probably caused by Twitter purging fake accounts — hinting that the reality star and mother of three had over half a million fake accounts following her, but Lowry responded writing, "No bc if you look at my mentions it’s all people that were following me and twitter unfollowed me for them without them knowing. Even people I know texted me."

Lowry actually had plenty of fans tweet her to let her know that their account had randomly unfollowed her without their knowledge.

Lowry became so frustrated with the Twitter glitch that she even threatened to break up with the social media platform writing, "It’s been nice knowing yall! But @twitter  losing half my followers isn’t ok so I’m out @TwitterSupport.

It doesn't seem that Lowry has followed through with her threat since she was still active on Twitter less than a day ago, but she is still losing followers. She currently has less than 540 thousand followers, which is down from 1.4 million just two days ago! Surprisingly the loss of followers came just days after Lowry commented on the news of Evans's separation from Eason. After tweeting out numerous reports of the couple's split, Lowry was asked by one fan what she thought of Evans returning to Teen Mom 2. "If she’s truly in the right mindset and is on a journey to find health and happiness, she could teach people a lot," she responded.

She also said she'd love to have Evans on her podcast so she could tell her side of the story. It will be interesting to see if MTV re-hires Evans and if she and Lowry actually sit down together to record an episode of her Coffee Convos podcast she co-hosts with Lindsie Chrisley but for now, it seems that Lowry will be busy trying to figure out where all her Twitter followers went.

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