Kailyn Lowry's Baby Daddy Files For Emergency Custody Of Their Son

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Kailyn Lowry’s ex Chris Lopez has filed for emergency custody over their 10-month-old son, Lux Lowry. According to reports, Chris is concerned that he hasn’t seen the young boy in over several months now, prompting him to finally take action against the Teen Mom star.

In Touch Weekly reports that Kailyn – who has had her fair share of controversies in the past – claims that Chris hasn’t even asked to see their son in the last few months. But her baby daddy insists that’s not the cast at all. He wants to see more of Lux, with or without Kailyn by his side.

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"I haven't talked to [Chris] in two months and he hasn't asked to see his son," Kailyn said, according to the publication.

As fans can imagine though, Chris’ story seems to differ drastically than the one that Kailyn is offering to the media and her fans. He claims that Kailyn is keeping him away from the baby, which the reality television star says is completely not true. As a matter of fact, she insists that she wants Chris to be in Lux’s life, not only for his sake, but for the baby’s sake and future as well.

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"Chris said him not having contact with the baby is detrimental to the baby and will cause harm by him not knowing his father," Kailyn added said. "Mind you, he didn't sign the birth certificate, he didn't want me to file for custody or child support, but then he turned around and filed for custody."

What’s more though, Kailyn says that while Chris will get four weeks of supervised visits, it’s not the outcome that she had earlier hoped for. The single mom wanted a court-appointed official to supervise Lux’s visits with his father. Instead, it will be Chris’ aunt who will be present during the boy’s visit. She claims that she has no trust in Chris’ family and that she would feel much more comfortable knowing that a neutral party would be there during Chris’ visits with Lux.

So far Chris himself has not made any comments about the issues between them or the arrangement over Lux’s custody. Just recently, Kailyn posted on Twitter that Chris has always been a loyal friend to her and that he never “sold her out,” which is something she appreciates, given all of the drama about her life that usually end up on the front pages of the tabloid magazines.

While it looks like Kailyn and Chris might have patched up their differences, some fans and critics believe that he might also feel blindsided over Kailyn’s demands over their custody agreement. The MTV star is currently vacationing in Europe without her children. She has posted several different photos of her trip to Italy on her Instagram account.

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