Kailyn Lowry Is Getting Majorly Criticized After Showing Off Her New Dog

Kailyn Lowry may not be the most controversial of the Teen Mom franchise stars, but she takes her fair share of heat. Most recently, she's faced backlash after sharing some snaps of her beautiful new dog, Karma. Like most dog mamas, Kail couldn't wait to show her fans the sweet blue-eyed Cane Corso. However, it wasn't long before some followers noticed that the pup has cropped ears. Many people believe that cropping a dog's ears can help them hear better and prevent infection, while some breeders do it purely for cosmetic reasons. On the whole, it's a widely protested practice that many people don't agree with.

Kail decided to get the pup after the loss of her previous dog, Bear, who was recently put down. When she posted some snaps of Karma on Twitter, the internet wasn't here for it. One user wrote, "Beautiful dog and I have no doubt you'll treat it well but buying a dog with its ears cropped should be illegal. No need for it." In response, the reality star said, "A dog should be denied a home because someone had its ears cropped?" Given her platform, it's only natural that the Twitterverse snapped back, but is Kail really to blame? The jury is still out on that one.

It looks as though Kail didn't have the dog's ears cropped personally, but chose to buy from a breeder that supports the practice. Users kept calling the mom out on the appearance of Karma's ears, eventually leading to her saying in finality, "Either way, the ears were cropped before I got her so that was out of my control." The controversy hasn't stopped Kail sharing pictures of her new addition, with several snaps uploaded to her stories over the weekend. Her kids seem to be bonding with their new best friend, so it looks like Karma has landed on her paws.

Kail also came under fire for seemingly using the dog to get clicks for an OK! Magazine article with the headline, "Kailyn Lowry Welcomes A Baby Girl: Meet Karma!" Needless to say, Lowry is used to defending herself online by this point in the game.

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