JWoww Shares Update On Son's Progress 1 Year After Autism Diagnosis

It was just over a year ago that reality television star Jenni "JWoww" Farley revealed on an episode of Jersey Shore that her then 2-year-old son Greyson was struggling with hitting certain milestones, including his language development. Greyson was diagnosed with Autism and ever since Farley vowed to advocate for as much early treatment and intervention as possible. The proud momma of two recently shared a video of Greyson on her YouTube page showing just how far he's come since his diagnosis.

The video opens with Farley flashing back to when Greyson was just a newborn and follows him as he grows until she realizes that he is experiencing developmental delays. In the video, it documents her first visit to a language specialist last year explaining when asked what his language skills were that they were "none."

All of that has changed over the last year with Farley crediting Greyson's work with his applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapist.  "It's been a little over six months since he's started with We Care Autism, ABA Services. That has been one hell of an experience," Farley explains in the video. Farley acknowledges that parents often have to fight with insurance companies to get their children the treatment they need, but that she's always been an advocate for her son.

The video shows Greyson speaking, working with flashcards and singing his ABC's like a pro, a huge improvement from where he was developmentally just six months ago. Greyson was recently approved to receive 30 hours a week of ABA, up from the 2-3 hours, three times a week he was previously receiving. He would also receive speech and occupational therapy but Farley noted that the increase to 30 hours a week of ABA "is huge because 30 hours of ABA a week has been a game-changer."

She also added that Greyson's therapist also works with him at his preschool that he attends five days a week, for two of the three hours a day he's there. Farley says this is so important because it's teaching him how to be around other children his own age. “These guys changed my life and changed Greyson’s,” she added. “I am a huge believer in ABA therapy.”

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Farley is so proud of Greyson's incredible progress and told her viewers that she's anxious to continue to share how he improves over time. “I can’t wait to show you by Christmas," she said. "He should have even more of an update ’cause of how fast he’s been shooting from the hip,” she said. “I feel like our next goal will be fully potty trained, [counting from] one through 20 on his own, maybe more.”

Check out Greyson's awesome update below.

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