Universal Studios Is Revamping Their Iconic 'Jurassic Park' Ride

jurassic park ride revamp universal studios

When it comes to blockbuster movies that shaped our love of films, it's hard to top the prehistoric adventure of Jurassic Park. When that movie came out in the '90s, it blew everyone away, and turned so many of us into living room paleontologists. Remember sitting around with your friends or family and discussing the possibility of dinosaurs coming back?! It was an absolutely amazing movie, and honestly, it remains one of the best movies of all time.

It had everything - action, adventure, drama, intrigue. Plus, the special effects were some of the best we've ever seen. Those dinosaurs looked so incredibly real, we could practically feel them breathing down our necks in that kitchen scene toward the end. Naturally, a movie of that magnitude needed to be turned into a full experience, and the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios gave us a chance to be part of the action. It's been almost 26 years since the first movie came out, and several successful sequels have followed.

Now it's time for the Jurassic Park ride to get a revamp, and Universal Studios is giving us our first look at the new Jurassic World ride. It looks INCREDIBLE.

This summer, Universal Studios will be unveiling the new Jurassic World ride, which is replacing the old Jurassic Park ride in the amusement park. The ride will feature an original story line that takes place inside the park on a day when one of the dinosaurs escapes. Already sounds like an action-packed adventure!

The ride will also feature the huge aquatic dinosaur from the Jurassic World movie, Mosasaurus. She'll be chillin' in a three million gallon tank in the Aquarium Observatory. And don't worry, that amazing 84-foot waterfall drop is still going to be part of the ride! But you can expect it to be even more intense than before.

The section of Universal Studios that will house Jurassic World - The Ride is also getting a makeover, complete with a new entryway and a Raptor Experience next to the ride. The newly revamped ride is set to open this summer, so now would be a good time to plan a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood.

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