Hey, Mercury Is In Retrograde, So That's Why Everything Is Going Wrong

Mercury is in retrograde this July so you might want to put your smartphone down. When this planet appears to reverse in orbit, those of us on earth start saying all the wrong things.

Let's first get clear on what retrograde means. We hear this term all the time in astrology, and many of us know it means trouble. But what is retrograde anyway?

A planet is described as being "in retrograde" when it appears to temporarily move backward in its orbit. Planets do not actually orbit in reverse at any time. This is completely against the laws of physics. But from our perspective on Earth, there are times when it looks like this is what is happening. The official astronomy term for this optical illusion is "apparent retrograde motion".

Optical illusion or not, when it comes to astrology, things fly out of control. Out of all the planets, Mercury's retrograde has the most disastrous effects.

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On July 7, Mercury will go into retrograde. Because Mercury is the planet of communication, its apparent backward motion can cause you to put your foot in your mouth.

The sign in which the retrograde occurs makes a difference in its overall effect. This month's retrograde is happening in Leo. Leo is all about having fun and enjoying life, but there are some risks in this sign you need to be careful about. If you go overboard and end up bragging or trying to one-up others, you may find yourself in a bad situation.

This means that your kids may get into competitions that go sour and you will need to step in and mediate. Try to be proactive and prevent issues from happening in the first place. Avoid super-competitive family games.

Remind yourself to listen to others and avoid gossip. During the retrograde, you may blurt something out that you should not, or say things at the wrong time. Since the kids will likely have their scuffles, you may be more apt to yell and say something you regret. Focus on the old saying that if you don't have anything nice to say, you should not say anything at all.

Luckily a retrograde under Leo has some good in it as well. Take advantage of your increased creativity and do some fun family craft projects. Just stay positive and in control of yourself, and you should be all good!

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