Joy Duggar Has Shared A Secret About Her Husband Austin Forsyth

While most of the Duggars have literally grown up in front of our eyes thanks to their reality television career, there's still a lot of confusion about what they actually do other than, well, make babies. We do know that many of the Duggar children are very handy, often showcasing their DIY skills and home reno work on social media, but some of the Duggar children and in-laws have some other very notable skills.

Many fans of the famous family know that Duggar son John David, twin of fan-favorite Jana Duggar is a licensed pilot, but over the weekend his sister Joy revealed that he's not the only pilot in the family. It seems that in addition to being a pretty skilled house renovator and flipper, Joy's husband Austin Forsyth is also a licensed pilot. Joy posted a picture of herself and John David's wife Abbie on her Instagram where she revealed the surprising news. "Always love getting to spend time with you, @johnandabbie! Headed to help a friend do a remodel project... what are y’all doing this weekend?!?" Joy wrote before adding, "Fun fact!! Both of our husbands are pilots!!"

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The news definitely took many of Joy's followers by surprise. "That’s awesome! I didn’t know Austin was a pilot!" wrote one fan. "That's cool, I knew John was a pilot but I didn't know Austin was too! That's so cool, you have many pilots in the family," wrote another. One fan even added, "Is there anything Austin can’t do?"

Fans may not have known that Austin was a pilot but they definitely know he's a very skilled home renovator. While the couple has been living in a camper with their 2-year-old son Gideon for a year and a half while they worked flipping homes, Joy recently revealed that they're ready to settle down into their own home! She posted a video of their new three-bedroom, two-bathroom home they recently bought. Austin was busy doing renovations including painting the kitchen cupboards, and Joy will be updating her fans on its progress.

It seems that if Austin ever gets tired of the house flipping business he already has a backup plan!

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