She Sheds Are The New Man Caves, And Every Mom Deserves One

she shed

As women and moms, we all crave a space of our own. They definitely aren't easy to come by, but we can still fantasize about the perfect space. In an ideal world, if you could have a space to yourself, what would it be? A dark space where you could be alone? A sunny spot where you could drink your coffee hot (if that's how you like it) right when you pour it? Or maybe, a soundproof room where you can kick back with a bottle of wine and a good book and not hear your kids ripping each other's hair out? Well, maybe you can. The "she shed," an alternative to the "man cave," is the newest way to give women their much needed personal space.

Furniture company Joybird did a survey, asking 600 American women what would make their ideal "she shed." Unsurprisingly, the most important factor of a she shed is privacy. Over 60 percent of the women in the survey are not allowing their spouse or significant others in their space.

And why should they? That negates the point of a sacred space.

Joybird She Shed

And since our drinks and snacks are often the ones that disappear the fastest (seriously, we can't have anything to ourselves), having a well stocked mini fridge is also incredibly important. When it comes to snacks, women were quick to ditch things like cauliflower pizza for the real thing, they were almost five times more likely to choose pizza over a veggie plate (because of course.) Chocolate, cheese and crackers are the other most desired snacks.

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Obviously, these women are the kind of women we want to hang out with. Women were also almost six times more likely to stock their fridges with wine. Coffee, tea and soda were also popular beverages. Because green juice is overrated.

joybird she shed

While women may not want their spouses or significant others around, that doesn't mean they want to be alone. We all need someone to talk to, and the top celebrity guest is Ellen Degeneres. Serena Williams is also a popular choice, with 29 percent of votes. Beyonce was most popular with Millennials (of course), which Oprah was most popular with Gen-Xers. Interestingly, Reese Witherspoon was popular among Baby Boomers.

They're all women we would love to sit down with a have a glass of wine while eating pizza for sure.

joybird she shed

She sheds are still slowly gaining popularity, and for good reason. We women work incredibly hard, and we absolutely deserve a space of our own. So, what would your she shed look like?

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