Joy-Anna Duggar Gets Parent-Shamed Every Time She Posts A New Photo

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Celebrities and reality stars often receive a lot of unsolicited advice on social media from well-meaning fans, especially when those celebrities and reality stars are parents. The Duggar family members are especially familiar with having pictures they post of their children scrutinized by fans and followers who often leave comments that are often meant to be helpful on their social media pages. Twenty-one-year-old Duggar daughter Joy-Anna Forsyth seems to have been getting more than her fair share of opinions lately, especially after a recent innocent picture she posted of son Gideon had fans warning her about the toddler’s safety.

Joy-Anna posted a picture of her young son Gideon sitting beside a little Pug dog named Pudge, and in a second picture Gideon is trying to give the pup a hug, but Pudge isn’t so sure about it. Joy captioned the photo, “’ Hey there, Pudge... I love you, Pudge!’ I guess Pudge isn’t a fan of hugs.” and while many fans thought it was simply a sweet picture of Gideon and the dog, others were quick to criticize the young mother.

“Yeah, yeah...I know. He's a great dog. But no matter what, you push ANY dog too far, things will happen very quickly and in general....the DOG is the one punished. Allow the child a touch but then remove him from the face of the dog. Just sayin'....” wrote one commenter. “This wasn’t a smart move by a long shot. Don’t force this,” wrote another. Another concerned commenter wrote, “It’s all fun and games until the pup bites your son and you take the pup to the shelter and tell them that he bit your son- that’s a death sentence. Grow up!”

Others were concerned about the dog with one commenter writing, “It’s not funny to make your dog this uncomfortable.” Another added, “Why would u ever let a dog be at the mercy of a boy. You should be teaching your son to respect all living animals.”

Joy, as well as other members of her large family, is used to being judged for how she chooses to raise her son. She recently received a lot of negative messages after posting a picture of Gideon taking a sip of iced coffee, but as with this picture she hasn’t chosen to respond to any of the negative backlash.

The could have been shamed over how they hold hands in photos. The Hollywood Gossip says, "Even following their tragic miscarriage, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth share a lot of themselves with fans -- including the occassional bit of TMI. This time, they shared a photo of some very casual PDA -- some simple hand-holding.But fans are giving the couple grief over their hand-holding antics."

And sure enough, the couple had to read through comments of people asking if one of them had warts, why there was a black streak on one person's hand. Literally anything and anything they're getting shamed over.

The couple have been called out over the helmets the have for their kids when they're riding bikes. For Joy-Anna sharing her thoughts on how many kids she has after her devastating miscarriage.

We are pretty over it, to be honest. These people need to catch a break.

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