Fans Are Worried For Joy-Anna Duggar's Safety Over Instagram Photo

Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar's husband Austin Forsyth recently posted a cute photo of their family biking to get some food, but fans were concerned that neither Joy-Anna nor her Austin wore helmets.

In the Instagram post, Joy-Anna, Austin, their 1-year-old son, Gideon, Justin Duggar, and their friend Elijah Kaneshiro, pose with their bicycles. The group biked to Sonic to pick up some ice cream treats. The carousel of photos begins with the group smiling and apparently about to start peddling. The rest of the images show the group sitting outside at Sonic enjoying drinks and cookies. In the first photo with the bikes, only Gideon is wearing a helmet. This caught fans' attention.

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Although it's entirely possible that the four adults put helmets on after taking the group photo and took them off before the subsequent shots at Sonic, it seems highly unlikely. No one was holding a helmet nor did a stray helmet appear in the background anywhere. Instagram followers expressed their concern in a barrage of comments.

Many comments urged the Duggars to please wear helmets, citing friends that had been injured without them or saved by them. One commenter even compared a head injury to brains turning into jello.

The Duggars are no strangers to online criticism, but helmet safety is a pressing concern. Their own safety matters of course, but they are also modeling behavior for the world as celebrities.

A few months ago, Pediamom shared a post about helmet safety that went viral. Her post shows a photo of a helmet that has been torn to shreds following a bike accident. The rider was ok, but if he had not been wearing a helmet, the damage would have happened to his head.

The best way to encourage helmet safety habits is to model them ourselves. Kids do what we do, not what we say. The second-best approach is to make helmet-wearing the norm from a young age. The good news is the Duggar's have done that.

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