Joy-Anna Duggar & Husband Criticized By Fans For The Way They Hold Hands

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There isn't much a member of the famed Duggar family can do that doesn't meet with some level of criticism from the public. From how they dress to how they keep their house to how they raise their children, it seems that every time a member of the Duggar family posts a picture on social media, people have something to say about it.

Joy-Anna Duggar recently posted a picture on Instagram of her and husband Austin Forsyth simply holding hands, and commenters couldn't help but blast them for how they were holding hands. Duggar posted the sweet picture along with the caption, 'The spaces between my fingers are right where your’s fit perfectly," which is what seems to start all the critiques of how the couple is actually holding hands.

"But like, the space in between your fingers isn't where your spouse's are?" one commenter pointed out.

"But then you're holding hands like potatoes not like french fries," another commented.

Thankfully many other commenters were quick to point out that Duggar was simply quoting lyrics from the song Vanilla Twilight by Owl City and those who were critical of how they were holding hands didn't understand the reference.

"I love this song!! Vanilla Twilight is literally one of the most romantic songs," wrote one fan.

"Owl City, Vanilla Twilight. Love that song," wrote another.

Many were just thrilled that Joy-Anna and Austin are still supporting each other after their tragic loss of daughter Annabell Elise back in early July when Joy-Anna was five months pregnant. Although the couple took a brief break from posting on social media after their loss, they have been keeping concerned fans up to date on how they've been doing ever since.

Joy-Anna recently revealed that the couple and their son Gideon, whom they welcomed in February 2018, have been living in a fifth wheel RV for almost a year as they work flipping houses. "We just started building a new house to sell, not for us to live in," she explained in an Instagram video. "But we did one last year and we did really well and so we’re excited to be starting another one," she said before posting pictures of their new living space.

Hopefully, Joy-Anna and Austin are too busy to worry about what others think about their hand-holding technique!

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