Joy-Anna Duggar Gets Shamed Hate For Giving Gideon Coffee

We all know that mommy shamers and trolls are the worst part of the internet. And no one knows that better than celebrity moms. They can't even post something as a joke without getting flooded with comments. Joy-Anna Duggar recently posted a picture of her son Gideon with a cup of coffee and like clockwork the shamers came out in droves to point out her alleged mistake. She saw it coming, making a joke about it, but that didn't stop them.

In the picture, Gideon is outside with Joy's ice coffee cup straw in his mouth. He is clearly chewing on the straw as toddlers are known to do. "A little coffee to get him through the day," she captioned the post. But of course she followed it with "Or maybe not... he already has more energy than I can keep up with." Toddlers are like these perpetually caffeinated little creatures. The last thing they need is coffee! She then added the hashtags #nocoffeeforhim and #somuchenergy. We've all been there right?

"I wish they could bottle their energy lol," one person commented.

Joy-Anna certainly needs that coffee to keep up with the little cutie. And as 19-month-olds tend to do, Gideon probably picked up Joy's cup and walked off with it. The picture is adorable, so it makes sense that Joy would snap a quick pic of it.

"Cute shot but you don’t give a one year old coffee or pop (soda)" reads one comment with quite a few replies. Another says "He is to young for Coffee." In no way did Joy indicate that she gives her toddler coffee. She's young, but she surely knows what's appropriate to give her son to drink. But come on, how many times has your kid grabbed something they're not supposed to? And since he's chewing on the straw in the first picture, perhaps the chewing makes his gums feel good? He's very likely teething and chewing on everything.

Luckily, most of the comments were just expressing how cute he is. "He looks so much like his dad!" one person marveled. Another person could see what was about to happen, writing "Cue the haters." And they were right.

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