Josh Duggar's Wife Was 'Frantic' After Nearly Losing 2-Year-Old Son At Museum

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Losing your child, even if it's only for a couple minutes, is every parent's nightmare. Anna Duggar now knows that fear firsthand. According to RadarOnline, Duggar's two-year-old son briefly went missing during a family outing. Of course with five kids to keep track of, she's quite frazzled. Add to that the fact that she's very heavily pregnant and two-year-olds are fast, none of this is a surprise. But thankfully the fear was over quickly.

Anna, Josh, their kids and several other members of the Duggar family are in Los Angeles visiting Jinger Duggar and her family. The incident took place during a trip to the Autry museum. RadarOnline's source claims that an hour into the family's visit, Anna could be heard saying “Where’s Mason? Where’s Mason?” After frantically looking around briefly, she then turned to the youngest of the Duggar girls. “You guys were supposed to be watching him! Where is he?” she asked them nervously.

The Duggar family has long practiced a buddy system during group outings. Usually that consists of an older child being responsible for one or two younger children. And since many of the youngest Duggar girls are now tweens, they're going to be in charge of their nieces and nephews. Since Mason is two, it's easy for him to slip away quickly the minute someone even so much as glances away from him.

Anna then took off, circling around the museum's exhibits for several minutes searching. Soon, Jinger could be heard from another room saying, “It’s ok, Anna, I found him! He’s here with us.”

But where was her husband Josh during all of this? Apparently, he was somewhere else with his dad Jim Bob and some other Duggar boys. The source claims that he was “oblivious” to the entire situation. The couple recently celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary, with Anna posting about it on Instagram.

“Anna has a lot she’s dealing with and it doesn’t seem Josh has her back,” the source revealed. “She has to rely on other family members to watch her kids and she’s got another one on the way.”

Currently, Anna is pregnant with the couple's sixth child. All of the Duggar family daughters-in-law are currently pregnant.

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