Mom Wasn't Able To Enroll Her Child Into School Because Of Her Outfit

Joselyn Lewis

One mother in Texas was not permitted to enroll her daughter in a local school simply because of the outfit she was wearing. And no, it wasn’t the daughter’s outfit that was in question, but rather the mother, who was shamed for her headscarf and the length of her dress.

According to Click 2 Houston, Houston-area mother Joselyn Lewis says that she was asked to leave school property because of her headscarf and a black dress that had a photo of the late actress Marilyn Monroe. School administrators deemed her outfit too inappropriate despite the fact that Lewis did a “fingertip test” to show that her dress was longer than the length of her arm by her side.

“She went on to say that she still couldn’t let me on the premises because I was not in dress code and I still didn’t understand what that meant,” Lewis said. “She said that my headscarf was out of dress code and my dress was too short.”

One of the reasons why Lewis wanted to enroll her daughter in a new school was because the 15-year-old had endured too much bullying at her old school at Lamar High School. Lewis was hoping that her daughter would feel safer at Madison High School, but unfortunately, she wasn’t even allowed on the premise. The mother said that she had her hair in a headscarf simply because she was in the process of getting it done and didn’t want to wear it out.

“I’m not saying that it’s a part of my religion, but it could have been, but I just wanted to have it up. Who are you to say that I can’t wear my hair up? In a scarf? Who are you to tell me how to dress?” she said.

The mother went on to say that she would understand if her outfit would have been a little too revealing, but that wasn’t the case at all. Lewis also says that she couldn’t understand what the problem was and why her outfit was the reason why her daughter could not be enrolled at the high school.

"My child's education, anyone's child's education, should be more important than what someone has on," Lewis argued.

So far a spokesperson for the Houston Independent School District has made no comments about the issue. Lewis has also not said whether or not she plans to still enroll her daughter at Madison High School.

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