Jordan McGraw Opens Up About Growing Up With Dr. Phil As A Dad

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Growing up with a famous parent can have its advantages. But it also has its disadvantages, namely that you're constantly asked what life with your famous parent is like. This goes double when you have a parent who is famous for something like working with people. That's why everything Dr. Phil's son Jordan McGraw has to say about his famous dad rings true.

Everyone knows Dr. Phil McGraw as the television therapist, there to fix all kinds of problems. But to his son, up and coming musician Jordan, he's just dad. Of course, that doesn't mean that his dad doesn't give him insight and support when he needs it. When asked by PEOPLE about advice his dad has given him as his career begins to take off, McGraw said his dad gave him some valuable insight.

“Just to have fun and not to worry about what people think." “I don’t care what someone wants to say if it’s negative. If they want to hang out and be positive, great," he adds.

Sounds like pretty solid life advice, even if you're not embarking on a career in the public eye! Obviously, Dr. Phil is known for his psychoanalyzing skills. That's why people turn to him for advice.

But growing up in a house with someone who could turn on those skills had to be a lot. There's no doubt Dr. Phil at least tried to use his skills on his kids. But according to Jordan, his attempts were futile. “His tricks don’t work on me,” he claims.

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Jordan, who is the younger of Dr. Phil's two sons has a rising music career ahead of him. His new single, which he is promoting, is a collaboration with Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland. But just how much influence does his famous dad have on his music? “Everybody asks if he influenced my performing, no, but my taste, yeah,” Jordan explains. And he notes that music was a big part of his growing up as well. “We always had music playing in the house," he says.

According to Jordan, he grew up listening to bands like Led Zepplin thanks to his dad. But just because Dr. Phil has good taste in music doesn't mean he's going to do anything more. “He can’t clap on beat or play the radio,” Jordan teases.

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