A Very Proud Uncle Shared His Nephew's Pre-K Class Cookbook

Now that the end of the school year is upon us parents and family members are being treated to the adorableness that comes with the end of year assemblies and performances by children in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes. There’s nothing sweeter than watching a classroom full of toddlers perform songs and dances to celebrate the end of a successful school year or other holidays unless you ask those toddlers to write down recipes for their favorite foods and create a cookbook out of those recipes.

Jordan Adams is a proud uncle who recently posted a few pictures from a cookbook his nephew Ethan’s class created as a mother's day project. “My nephews Ethan’s pre-k class made a cookbook, and all the kids had to come up with all the recipes so much better than I could’ve imagined.”Needless to say, the recipes are comedy gold. After all, what could go wrong when you ask a group of pre-k's to write down the ingredients, prep time and directions of their favorite dish?

Ethan’s eggs surprisingly don’t even require eggs as an ingredient, but you will need pancakes, sugar, and skittles that you can purchase at Texas Roadhouse to make them. Ethan does point out in the directions that you can just go visit his mom and she’ll happily provide you with the eggs because “my mom makes eggs all the time.”

Then Ethan’s classmate Joe explains how to make tacos, although he seems to be having a bit of a hard time remembering.

Credit: Twitter / Jordan Adams

“First I don’t actually know, I really don’t remember anything. Can I change this to cheesy roll ups? Because they are super easy. There is only 3 stuff you need, white cheese, yellow cheese and tortilla. I don’t even want to make tacos anymore. I don’t even know how. It is too hard to think about tacos. But I can make cheesy roll ups. They are super easy. They come from Taco Bell. I need yellow cheese and I don’t know where to buy the white cheese. I don’t know how to make tacos. Cheesy roll ups are better because I know how to make them. Let me think…one time I made candy and it turned brown. I don’t want tacos anymore. I like them, but I love cheesy roll ups more. I don’t like beans because they make me throw up. My mom made me eat a burrito one time with beans and I threw up. Wait…I know how to make watermelon it is easy…just buy the watermelon and eat it.”

Sebastian’s pancakes are really easy to make because they require only one ingredient which is “salt and that’s it.” Hopefully, everyone has a "hot thingy" because that's a big part of the recipe as well.

Credit: Twitter / Jordan Adams

Adams explained to the Huffington Post that he came across the cookbook at his sister’s house and couldn’t help but post it.

“When I started to read it, I just started to laugh at how silly some of the recipes were. I thought to myself, ‘Damn this is some comedy gold,’” Adams recalled. “Like, only kids could think of these responses.”

Adams wanted to share it on social media so others could enjoy it as much as he did. “All I hope is that people smile after reading this. Kids are just so funny, and their thoughts are so pure that, that is how they come up with such funny and imaginative responses,” he said. “But yeah, overall I just hope people laugh and smile at it and it makes their day a little bit better.”

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