JoJo Siwa Thinks North West 'Has The Full Package' To Become The Next Big Child Star

Could there be a new kid coming to take over the pop culture scene? It's very possible, according to megastar Jojo Siwa. The teen pop culture icon recently shared her thoughts on a potential new kid star. And that is none other than celebrity kid North West. Jojo Siwa thinks that the oldest of the West clan has what it takes to be a star.

“I just saw the video of her performing at Kanye’s Sunday Service today, and I responded to Kim and I was just like, “‘Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing ever,’” Jojo Siwa told Life & Style at a recent event. "I definitely think North has the potential [to be a performer.]”

North West may only be six, but being in the spotlight runs in her blood. And she's taking that performing DNA and making it her own. Mom Kim Kardashian regularly posts videos of her dancing and singing at dad Kanye West's Sunday Service church service. The most recent video Kardashian shared is the one Jojo Siwa is talking about. And North West certainly does steal the show!

Jojo Siwa knows a thing or two about being popular with the kids. The 16-year-old got her start as a dancer on the show Dance Moms. But after a couple seasons she left the show to do her own thing. Since then, she has literally blown up, becoming an incredibly popular entertainer in the kiddie pop sphere. She is currently on her first international tour, the D.R.E.A.M. Tour, which has sold out dates all over the country. And she takes it to the UK at the end of the year.

North West is actually a huge fan of Siwa's. After Kim shared on social media how much North loved Jojo, Siwa reached out to the star. Of course, they met up, and took it a step further. Jojo Siwa posted a video on her ever popular YouTube channel of her "babysitting" North. A few months ago, Siwa shared a photo of them, along with North's cousin Penelope Disick at Jojo's blowout Sweet 16.

Obviously since North is so young, it may be a little while before we get to see just what she chooses to do. But since she's a Kardashian, that little while could be a matter of months. The question will be, is Jojo Siwa prepared to be dethroned as the queen of kid's entertainment should North West decide she's ready to take the spotlight? Only time will tell!

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