JoJo Siwa Pens Powerful Message To Kids On Being Your Authentic Self

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Many people know Jojo Siwa from her time on the hit pseudo-reality show Dance Moms, where she was constantly positive no matter how much dance instructor Abby Lee Miller yelled at her. Now the teenager is one of the most popular and successful young entertainers of the YouTube generation, and although she still deals with more than her fair share of haters, she is constantly spreading positivity to her young fans.

In a recent Instagram post, the dynamic young lady sent a powerful message to her fans, of which Kim Kardashian's daughter, North West, is one of, of the importance of being your authentic self. "I do what I do everyday because I love it!" wrote the 15-year-old before including her signature bow emoji.

"Wearing Bright Colors, Sparkles, and Giant Bows is a part of me and a part of who I am! Nothing will change me. I love my life! Do what you wanna do and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it or your [sic] not good enough, “You Believe it, You Achieve it, you just D.R.E.A.M.!”" she encouraged her young fans.

Fans of the wholesome teen star, who favors bows and bright colors over skimpy outfits and explicit lyrics, like many of her peers prefer, couldn't help but voice their support of her message in the comments section. Even parents of Jojo's fans were thrilled at the message she sends to their kids.

"My daughter LOVES you," wrote one mom. "Thank you for being you & for encouraging other girls to do the same."

"Jojo you are such inspiration to young kids and even adults and thank you for making who I am [because] you help me be confident and brave," wrote another. "Don't ever let social media change your personality," added one adoring fan.

Unfortunately, Siwa is constantly forced to follow her own advice as people feel the need to leave negative comments on her social media pages. "Jojo I love that you show a great example for younger kids but when are you going to grow up ?" wrote one person who doesn't seem to know how to give a compliment. Another was incredibly mean writing, "I understand unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about your hideous face and terrifying hairline or the fact that your daily outfit looks like your off to a 2-year-old party."

The haters don't seem to bother the young performer, and they certainly aren't affecting her brand popularity. Siwa currently has a merchandise line available at Target, has authored 7 books, boasts over 9 million subscribers to her YouTube channel and has a burgeoning hair bow empire, not to mention endless other endorsement deals.

Regardless of what the critics or haters say, being true to herself has worked out pretty well for Siwa, and her message of positivity and authenticity is something every kid can benefit from.

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