JoJo Siwa Reveals The Meaning Behind The Heart Symbol On Her Logo

JoJo Siwa may be known for her outrageous and uber energetic personality and her endless hair bows, but the teen superstar is also known for painting her logo across one eye when she performs. The logo, which looks like a heart with a loop on the end, is also present on all the JoJo merchandise that's available for sale. While fans may have thought the logo was just a sweet design that adds flair to the packaging, Siwa took to social media to explain the real reason behind her signature logo.

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In a recent post on Instagram, the 16-year-old singer, dancer and former Dance Moms cast member opened up about how the logo came to be, and what it means to her. "You might not know this but my logo is a combination of a Heart, Infinity sign, and a Star," she explained in the post. "They each represent something special... The Heart represents loving everyone, The Star represents being different (no 2 stars are the same), and the Infinity Sign represents being you forever! Thought I would share that with all of you!"

Siwa has long been praised for her wholesome image and child-friendly shows, crediting her with being the role model many want for their children of all ages. People couldn't help but comment on how much they loved Jojo Siwa's explanation of her logo.

"Love it!!! Thoughtful, creative, talented - what an amazing young woman you are & a beautiful example of compassion meeting success :)" wrote one fan. Adam Busby, who stars on the TLC show Outdaughtered that follows him and his wife as they raise an 8-year-old daughter and quintuplet 4-year-olds commented on the post as well writing, "you blow me away at your creativity, work ethic, and love for life. My girls look up to you and I am perfectly ok with that."

"Such a great message jojo!! We need to love everyone, know it’s ok to be different, and to always be our selves. I love you girl!! You always bring out the best in people," wrote another fan.

Fans love that Siwa practices what she preaches and that she continues to spread love, inclusivity and positivity everywhere she goes.

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