John Travolta And His Family, Then And Now (20 Pics)

John Travolta has appeared in some iconic films, including Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction. He's a great actor who seems like a warm and friendly guy off-screen. While Travolta has been the subject of tons of mean gossip, thanks to his ties to Scientology and rumors that he bats for the other team, he is still married to Kelly Preston.

In fact, they have actually been married for 28 years already!

Anyone who is curious about John, Kelly and their kids will enjoy this list. Ten of the entries are trips down memory lane, while the other ten entries feature newer pictures of the family. You may remember Kelly Preston from her role in Jerry Maguire, or because she used to date Charlie Sheen. She's a famous Hollywood actress in her own right, who has scored some plum roles.

Despite the Hollywood stardom, this couple has gone through some of the worst hardships when their beloved son, Jett, tragically passed. These days, the Travolta family has four members, who are John, Kelly, daughter Ella Bleu and young son, Benjamin but Jett is never forgotten. John and Kelly have been through so much pain, but they have never given up and continue to be a devoted family to this day.

20 The Family Before Jett’s Tragic Passing


Jett Travolta was born in April of 1992, according to Imdb. He was the older brother of Ella Bleu. Jett was autistic and scientists have discovered that autism is a sign of high intelligence.

While autism brings challenges, it's also a gift.

Unfortunately, Jett was prone to seizures and Kelly Preston believes that her son's struggles with Kawasaki Disease during early childhood harmed his health. In 2009, he passed while on holiday, at age 16. The official cause was of an epileptic seizure.

John and Kelly were devastated by the boy's death. They'll probably never get over it completely. Old family pics show lots of warmth between Jett and the rest of his family.

19 John With Young Jett

Via: E! News

John Travolta was crushed by the loss of his son, Jett. There are some beautiful pics of John with Jett out there, which show a lot of love. After Jett passed away, John became very depressed, which is more than understandable.

According to the Huffingtonpost.com, John wasn't sure that he was going to survive the loss of his child. It took him a long time to recover. Kelly has echoed his sentiments but wants other parents to know that it is possible to live again after the passing of a child. It's not easy, but it can be done.

18 With Baby Benjamin In 2011


John and Kelly became parents again in 2010, when their baby boy, Benjamin, was born. Kelly was 48 when she gave birth, according to People.com. It had taken John and Kelly three years to conceive.

It wasn't easy, perhaps because Kelly was older than average.

Lots of ladies are having babies later in life these days. For example, Rachel Weisz, who is married to Daniel Craig, just had a baby at age 48, just like Kelly Preston did. John and Kelly were happy to show off their new baby. There are plenty of pics of them smiling with baby Benjamin. After so much tragedy, it's nice to see them smiling.

17 His Beautiful Wife With Ella Bleu


Kelly Preston is drop-dead gorgeous and always has been. She's a classic beauty. She would sometimes get trapped in "girlfriend" roles because her features were so conventionally pretty.

When she became a Mom, her life changed. Her second child was Ella Bleu, who has John's dark hair and blue eyes. Ella was born in April, just like Jett was, but she was in born in 2000, according to Imdb.com.

Kelly looked so happy when she was with her little girl. Ella is now five foot ten. She's a young lady, rather than a cute little toddler. Kelly says that she knew John was the one for her when they met. She wanted to be the Mom to his kids.

16 They Treasured Their New Baby

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Kelly says that life with John is full of laughter, as well as plenty of fun dancing. Kelly certainly glows in most Travolta family portraits. When the family posed for a portrait with baby Benjamin, everyone looked so happy.

The birth of Benjamin must have represented new hope for a family that had suffered greatly due to Jett's tragic passing.

John, Kelly and Ella doted on the little baby. According to Abcnews.go.com, John and Kelly consider Benjamin to be a "nothing less than a miracle". Benjamin brought so much good energy into the home. John and Kelly also believe that Jett's spirit is always there, within the family.

15 Kelly and John Were Expecting Jett


None of us have crystal balls that allow us to see into the future. If we did, we might be too frightened to live, because life isn't always pleasant. Horrible things can happen. When Kelly was expecting Jett, she didn't know that she'd lose her child just 16 years later.

According to Usmagazine.com, Kelly believes that there's a connection between autism and exposure to chemicals but not everyone agrees with her.

People have had a lot to say about the Travolta family since Jett passed away, but no one who has passed judgment has walked in their shoes. Most people who comment on the Travolta family and Jett's death don't know the family.

14 Did John Take This Perfect Family Portrait?


Family portraits are wonderful ways to capture memories. John and Kelly must be so glad that they got these portraits taken while Jett was still with them. Although they surely feel sad when they look at old pictures now, they are able to remember the good times.

Children grow up so quickly and the future is never certain. John and Kelly must have had big dreams for their son, only to lose him tragically.

John and Kelly have helped other families by being open about their grief. According to Nowtolove.com.au, John turned to the Church of Scientology to get through the pain of his son's passing. Like John, Kelly is also a dedicated Scientologist.

13 Benjamin Was a Toddler in 2012

Via: dailymail.co.uk

In 2012, Benjamin was just a little toddler. He was adorable and the family has posed for plenty of pics with him. A focal point in every single shot, he received tons of affection from his famous parents and older sister. In some shots, Benjamin was also dressed up for formal events, just like his parents. He wore lots of cute little bow ties, while dad John was decked out in tuxedos.

With a net worth of one hundred and seventy million dollars, according to Celebritynetworth.com, John has the ability to give his son the best of everything, and he does. Kelly's estimated net worth is twenty million.

12 Kelly Looked Great Pregnant in 2010


When Kelly was very pregnant with Benjamin, she was radiant. She looked so excited about becoming a Mom again. She's said that Jett's passing made her long for another infant to love. Maybe she felt like a new baby would help her to forget her pain.

Babies bring plenty of hard work and joy. They become the most important elements of families.

Since babies need constant care, they help parents to put the past behind them and focus on the now.

John and Kelly seem very happy since Benjamin was born. It's a whole new start for them and for daughter, Ella, according to Losangeles.cbslocal.com.

11 John With Daughter Ella And Her Friend


In many shots with Ella, John Travolta appears jolly and playful. Ella and John are so much alike. She definitely takes after her Dad and she's beginning to follow in his career footsteps. Of course, Mom Kelly is an actress, too, so being a thespian is in Ella's blood.

Ella has kept a low profile until recently and is starting to come out of her shell. It'll be interesting to see if she becomes one of those celeb offspring, like Dakota Johnson, who is very famous due to her own talent, as well as her family. According to the Dailymail.co.uk, John and Ella love to go shopping together and do typical dad and daughter stuff.

And 10 Pics Of The Travolta Family Now

10 Ella’s Really Grown Up


Ella is now 18 and looks stunning. Her striking resemblance to her father is something that everyone comments on.

Ella Bleu has grown up with tragedy and has had to withstand the loss of a little brother, which must hurt very much. She's also had to deal with a slew of unsavory gossip about her parents.

The Internet makes it impossible for celeb kids to avoid reading bad things about their families.

John and Kelly's deep involvement with Scientology has made them lightning rods for controversy. John is rumored to be envious of Tom Cruise's standing in the church, according to Mercurynews.com.

9 Benjamin Really Resembles Kelly


Kelly experiments with different hair colors, from light brown to red to blond and looks great no matter what. She's much fairer than her husband and their young son, Benjamin, has inherited her fair coloring.

While Ella is the spitting image of her Dad, Benjamin is very much like Kelly.

Born on November 23rd, 2010, Benjamin arrived to help the Travolta family enter a new era of happiness, after years of crushing grief. Judging by how happy and healthy the family looks lately, the little boy has changed everything for his family, for the better. According to Nowtolove.com.au, John believes people should treasure their kids, because life is "very short".

8 John and Kelly Are Still So Close


Sure, there's a lot of chatter about what's really going on under the happy surface of the Travolta marriage, but what can't be denied is how well John and Kelly get along. What happens behind closed doors is really no one else's business. Kelly has nothing but good things to say about her husband. John is likewise complimentary about his beautiful wife.

If their marriage works for them, that's what it's all about.

However, their marriage hasn't been immune to jealous as Kelly called Kirstie Alley out for getting a little too flirty with her man. The feelings were justified as Kirstie admitted she was crazy about John while they worked together.

7 John Really Cares About His Children


John is looking very peaceful these days. He's smiling a lot, doing well in his career and enjoying fatherhood. He's reportedly very close to his two children and was very close to Jett as well.

According to the Standard.co.uk, John gets edgy when it comes to his daughter's dating life, but doesn't intervene.

He prefers it when she's single, but lets her make her own choices. John is in his sixties, so he's a very mature presence for his teenage daughter. They seem to love being together. Now that John has Benjamin, too, his family with Kelly Preston is complete.

6 John’s Transformation Into a Silver Fox


John looks great for his age. I mean, really great. Kelly does, too. John is going for a greyer hair look now, which is age-appropriate and actually looks fantastic. John has amazing skin, which is smooth and rosy, so the grey hair doesn't wash him out at all. He has a hot new look, which we'll call, "The Silver Fox", just like the Closeweekly.com has.

John may have undergone a style transformation for his latest part as Mafia don, John Gotti. The look suits him very well and I hope he hangs onto it. Most guys in their sixties don't have their original hair color. They have grey hair. So, this look seems very natural and cool.

5 Ella is a Gorgeous Young Lady


Ella is really blooming right now. She has moved past the awkward phase and is turning into a gorgeous swan. In recent photos, she looks very glamorous, and so much like her proud father. She has his rich coloring, as well as his charisma.

Ella Bleu may just score some iconic parts of her own someday. She's got all of the raw materials, plus the right connections.

Most kids of celebs do go into show biz. It's easy for them to get started. Rather then starting from the groun up, they get to begin on third base.

It's clear that Ella Bleu is the apple of John's eye as his Instagram feed is full of pictures of his lovely daughter.

4 Their Daughter Is Getting Into Acting


John and Kelly have done a great job raising Ella Bleu. Now, according to Imdb.com, Ella is making them proud by embarking on an acting career. She has already done two projects: The Poison Rose, now in post-production and as Emily in Old Dogs, filmed in 2009.

Now that Ella is so grown-up, it's safe to say that critics and Travolta fans (as well as detractors) are going to be paying very close attention to her latest acting performance.

Will she get great reviews, or get torn apart? Whatever happens, her parents will be there for her.

3 They Attend Parties Together


John and Kelly took the two kids along when they celebrated the release of Gotti at the Cannes Film Festival. According to Variety.com, John was really into his role as John Gotti and Kelly Preston played the part of Victoria Gotti. Although the subject matter of Gotti is mature, John and Kelly clearly wanted their kids with them to celebrate every moment of the film's launch.

Ella was dolled up in a gorgeous evening gown, while Benjamin hit the south of France after-party dressed in a casual tank top and shorts. Unfortunetly, reviews for Gotti haven't been too glowing so far.

2 John Was On The Ellen Show with Ella Bleu


John took his beloved daughter on the Ellen show. Most teens don't get to go on the Ellen show with their dads, so Ella definitely enjoys some of the perks of being in a famous family. The Ellen outing was lighthearted and fun.

Popsugar reports that during the show, Kelly came along with her hubby and daughter. One highlight of Ella's 2016 appearance on the show was Ellen's offer to help Ella learn how to parallel park. The funny thing is Ellen produced a car that was super-vintage and incredibly long. Ella handled the pressure with grace, but didn't park perfectly.

1 John Has Awesome Chemistry With Kelly


From bad reviews to flak about Scientology to a tragedy that left them both despondent, this couple sticks together.

They keep smiling no matter what the world says about them, except when they think about the loss of their son. John and Kelly have great chemistry. They just click and that's why they made the decision to become parents again, when Kelly was in her late forties and John was much older than that. Their new son helps them to focus on the sunny side of life, instead of getting lost in the shadows.

This is a good time for the Travoltas.

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