10 Adorable John Krasinski Dad Moments

We all fell in love with John Krasinski for his role as Jim Halpert on the comedic television show The Office. With his witty charm and unrelenting love for Pam, how could you not? The captivating actor’s real-life relationship with actress Emily Blunt seems to be just as unbelievably magical and the dynamic couple now has two children, Hazel Krasinski and Violet Krasinski, to help cement the foundation of their little family.

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Krasinski and Blunt’s two daughters have, in large part, been kept off social media and the general public eye. Krasinski himself has only shared photos of his daughters a handful of times. The fact that he works so hard to keep his daughter’s lives as normal as possible is just one of the reasons he is such a desirable father. But don’t worry—there are plenty of instances that show off John Krasinski’s adorable dad moments.

10 His Take on Fatherhood

Krasinski took his first steps into fatherhood in February 2014 when Hazel Krasinski was born. The new father admitted that he was not at all prepared for the realization that he now had the responsibility to lead by example. He became vibrantly aware of the fact that his daughters would look to him for comfort. He went on to say, “There is a mirror that is held up to me now. You have someone watching you.”

This is something that is startling for any newbie parent but judging by the rest of the moments on this list, it seems safe to say that Daddy Krasinski is holding up just fine.

9 6,000 Miles

Krasinski's current project on the television series Jack Ryan has kept him away from his little rays of sunshine lately. But instead of complaining about what he calls “fantasy camp,” Krasinski would fly back home every week to see his wife and two daughters. The trek back home covered over 6,000 miles, which is an obscene amount of time to spend on an airplane once a week. But, as Krasinski puts it, family time is “non-negotiable.” While Blunt was filming Mary Poppins in London, he would fly from Montreal and back to see them.

“So if I’m honest, I was shooting 6,000 miles away from them, and I flew back every single weekend," Krasinski said.

8 Malala

Raising two daughters can be a blessing and a curse. When they are little, it can seem like their adorable sweetness will never end. But there’s a considerable amount of worry that comes with raising girls. There will eventually be crushes, makeup, clothes, puberty—a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

While Krasinski has a few years before his young daughters hit those pivotal milestones, he seems to be prepared to take on the journey. He’s already proclaimed his stance for #GirlPower as he noted in his Instagram post after meeting Malala:

"As the parents of two girls we were honored and inspired to meet the definition of #GirlPowerTrip @Malala"

7 Singing Lessons

While the lives of Hazel and Violet are kept private, Krasinski has no problem dishing out anecdotes about what goes on at home. On the Ellen Degeneres Show, he told the audience how his daughter inadvertently gave him singing lessons when he was singing a children’s song with her. The then 18-month Violet lowered her voice to match the pitch of the singer. At the time, Krasinski had no idea what she was doing and asked: “What was that?”

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Later the two heard the song again, and Krasinski was able to pick up on the part of the song Violet had mimicked. Krasinski then said, “And I’m not kidding, she looked at me like, ‘Are we good?’ That’s what that was. Like, ‘Dad, you don’t get me already.’"

6 #HusbandGoals

Krasinski and Blunt have been married since July 2010 and they are literally the definition of a fairytale couple. Not only are they a beautiful match, but they continuously support each other. Krasinski recently took on his first feature-length directing/writing/acting gig for his production, A Quiet Place. The film was a huge hit, thanks in part to his wife’s role in the film (she even won a Screen Actors Guild Award for the part).

The two are also consistently putting family first. Krasinski as a husband is on par with his role as a father. The fact that he can love and appreciate his wife on such a deep level just goes to show the lengths he will go to as a dad to Hazel and Violet.

5 Proud Dad

Even though the world-famous actor was intimidated when he first became a father, he has effortlessly stepped into his daddy loafers since then. In fact, Krasinski is so enamored by his daughters that he is that dad at the party.

Even at his own red carpet premiere (for The Hollars, which launched in 2016), he was quick to whip out his phone to show off pictures of his daughter. At the time, Violet was a newborn and the actor couldn’t help it when he proudly offered pictures to his fellow costars Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Charlie Day.

4 Making Time

Krasinski and Blunt have equally heavy and demanding schedules. So when there is even a spare minute to spend it with their two daughters, both parents jump at the chance.

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The dad has said, "It’s something I just can’t wait to do. I can’t wait to get back to them. We always make time to see each other.” Blunt has chimed in saying that their family has managed to master a secure foundation.

3 Gushing Over His Kids

If Krasinski’s dad moments haven’t made you tear up yet, just listen to this. As if the couple couldn’t get any more adorable, Krasinski and his wife are constantly gushing about Hazel and Violet. In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Krasinski all but admitted that his daughters have him wrapped around their fingers and he can get quite emotional about them at times. Even something as simple as his daughters drawing him a picture can have him feeling all the feels.

On being a dad, he says “It's that amazing, wonderful chaos." Krasinski also frequently dotes on his wife and has said that, in regards to their marriage, “That is legitimately my greatest achievement."

2 Is He Good Enough?

Like most new parents, Krasinski was faced with that frightening thought: Am I good enough to be a parent?

It seems like an inevitable thought process, considering nobody knows what the heck they are doing at first. The actor recalls this dark introspection, saying, "I was like a wide-open nerve. You have all these fears of keeping her safe—am I a good enough person to be her dad?"

1 Staying Out of the Spotlight

It’s hard to imagine what the lives of an A-list celebrity are like. Besides unceasing work demands and travel, having the paparazzi capturing their every move has got to be unbearable at times.

So it stands to reason that Krasinski’s lack of posts about his little girls has more to do with his request to keep them out of the spotlight. The notion is just the cherry on top of John Krasinski’s adorable dad moments.

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