Joe & Kendra Duggar Open Up About Their 'Hard' First Year Of Marriage

Even if you and your partner have been together for some time and have looked forward to tying the knot, the first year of marriage is far from easy. It's a big adjustment period as you go from dating to being married! It can be especially difficult if you didn't live together first, or if you go through some other big changes in that first year. You're probably familiar with the Duggar family and how they do courting, marriage, and family planning. Duggar kids who are old enough to get married and start their own families don't date in the traditional sense; in fact, they're often not allowed to be alone with their future spouse until they're married. And babies usually come pretty quickly after they say 'I do'. We've often wondered how that impacts the first year of marriage for these couples, because that's a lot to process. Joe and Kendra Duggar are opening up about their marriage, and talking about how hard the first year was. It's sort of refreshing to hear this kind of honesty from a young married couple!

Joe and Kendra Duggar tied the knot in September 2017, and found out they were expecting their first child together almost immediately thereafter. So on top of adjusting to being married, getting to know one another, and living together, they were dealing with a pregnancy, too! That's a lot of anyone to handle. Kendra says she went into marriage with certain expectations about the kind of wife she'd be - cooking for Joe and going to work with him everyday. But pregnancy made that much harder than she anticipated, and she says she felt like she wasn't being a good wife to her new husband. But she also said that Joe was very supportive and understanding, and they seemed to weather that storm together.

Joe and Kendra welcomed son Garrett in June 2018, and earlier this year announced they were expecting baby number two, a girl. They say that they've gotten a good routine down, and even though they have their hands full with a toddler and another one on the way, their marriage is everything they hoped and expected it to be.

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