New Mom Adds Job To Her LinkedIn Profile That Has Working Mothers Applauding

We all know that being a mom is the hardest job we'll ever have. Being responsible for another human being is rewarding and amazing and awesome but it's also really, really hard. Despite motherhood being a job that requires organization and planning and budgeting skills along with excellent interpersonal skills that require you to be firm but compassionate, mothers are rarely acknowledged for doing such a difficult job.

That may be why one woman who recently became a mother decided to add her new lifelong job as "mom" to her LinkedIn profile. Jocelin Shalom, a senior manager for US brand communications at Adidas recently added "Mom, Maternity Leave" to the experience section of her LinkedIn account and people everywhere are applauding her for it.

Credit: LinkedIn / Jocelin Shalom

Shalom described her now job as being "the hardest job of any listed on my profile." She added that being a mom is teaching her "lessons of endurance, patience, compromise, efficienty, resilience, creative thinking, courage and vulnerability." Shalom wrote the reasons for sharing her new role was to hopefully open a dialogue about the need for proper maternity leave for working mothers in the United States.

Credit: LinkedIn / Jocelin Shalom

"I updated LinkedIn with my newest job, Mom, because we need to talk more about decent parental leave in this country," Shalom wrote. "Grateful adidas not only has a 6 month maternity leave policy but encourages and supports you in taking it. This is the hardest job I've ever had, and the one I'm most proud of. And I'm confident these experiences will make me a stronger, wiser, more courageous, and more creative employee when I go back."

Many people chimed in with their own experiences with raising their children and their wishes that more employers would be as generous with their maternity leave program as Shalom's employer. Others also wrote about how they took the skills they developed once they became a parent and added it to their resume because they really are invaluable.

Anyone who is a mom knows how hard a job it is, but it's nice to see women finally speaking up and letting potential employers know that while they may not be active in the workforce while they are home with their children, they're still learning valuable lessons that will only help them once they return to work.

Shalom's message also serves as a good reminder to employers that mothers have a skill set that others may not have and there's a lot of value in giving women adequate maternity leave to ensure they return to work and bring that skill set with them.

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