Jinger Duggar Is Experiencing The Realness Of Being Pregnant During A Heat Wave

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Summer weather is in full swing and Jinger Duggar shares on Instagram just how difficult these high temps are to handle whenever you are pregnant during the sunny months. Even though we may look forward to this incredibly fun time of year, the struggle is real whenever you have a bun in the oven and are trying to find ways to keep cool as the temperatures seem to rise and rise. Duggar is super honest about her feelings about coping with the weather forecast while living in Texas.

The perks of summer pregnancy ☀️

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After announcing earlier this year that Jinger Duggar, 24, and husband Jeremy Vuolo, 30, were expecting, they finally shared in early April that they are having a girl. PEOPLE shared that the announcement was made in pretty much the cutest way possible - through a relay race completed by friends and family in Laredo, Texas. The couple set up an obstacle course for both a pink and blue team to complete and the captain of the winning team got to flip the switch for a neon light that revealed the gender of their baby. So sweet.

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This week, Mother.ly shared that Jinger Duggar captioned her recent photo, showcasing what's to be expected during this sunny week in Texas (spoiler alert: all sunshine) with, "The perks of summer pregnancy ☀️". If you've ever been pregnant during the summer months, you can not only feel her pain, but sense her sarcasm through the screen.

Yes, a pregnant belly is super cute in a bathing suit, but the sweat factor is real when you're carrying around that extra weight and waddling from point A to point B. The Bump shares that more than anything, keeping hydrated and staying cool is key, "Getting enough fluids is especially tough in the hot summer months. Ordinarily, you should try to drink two liters of clear liquids every day, but in the summer, you need to add eight ounces for every hour you spend in the heat."

If you scroll through Jinger's recent Instagram pictures though, we can see how much she truly is enjoying her pregnancy and documenting the different stages. At about 33 weeks pregnant her baby girls is about the size of a pineapple and already so very loved.

Baby Girl Vuolo 👶🏼💕#31weeks

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We feel you on this one though, Jinger. Thinking back, we have visions of swollen feet and lots and lots of ice packs ourselves. Hang in there! At least there are so many awesome maternity summer dresses to choose from, right?

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