Picture Of Jinger Duggar's Daughter Has Fans Concerned & It Might Be A Legit Reason

Anyone who spends time online knows that parent trolls are rampant. This is especially true on the posts of people in the public eye. The members of the Duggar family definitely deal with their share of trolls on the internet. Of course, not all commenters are trying to be trolls. Some do mean well and are just trying to help. Jinger Duggar's husband, Jeremy Vuolo recently shared a picture of their daughter Felicity. And people were quick to offer advice on what could be a dangerous situation.

Felicity, who is 15 months is in a swimming pool wearing a puddle jumper flotation device. She looks happy to be playing in the pool, a smile on her face. "Just a casual Saturday afternoon in the pool," Vuolo captioned the photo. Many of the comments are about how cute she is or how happy she looks. "Aww!" commented Jinger's older sister Jill.

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Just a casual Saturday afternoon in the pool.

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But of course, there are comments about the dangers of puddle jumpers and flotation devices.

"Please look up the dangers of having those puddle jumpers on, I know a friend on my Instagram whose son passed while drowning due to those being on. She’s adorable," reads one comment with many likes and replies.

"I noticed your daughter is wearing a floatation device and looks to be in a pool without fencing. I feel it’s important to direct you towards levislegacy.com which is a foundation created by a mom whose son died drowning in a pool. SHE thought a puddle jumper was safe but it provides a sense of false security for young children. Her message is about education and to prevent needless tragedies like hers," reads another. That commenter tagged Nicole Hughes, a mom who's spoken about losing her son due to drowning.

There is a lot of information out there about the dangers of using flotation devices. While they may help little ones stay buoyant in the pool, they impair their natural ability to float. So parents should be very careful when using them, if they choose to. The people who commented were just trying to help educate Jeremy and Jinger in case they weren't aware. Neither of the Vuolos replied to any of the comments, but we're sure they were being safe with their daughter.

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