Jill's Husband Derick Claims Jim Bob Takes His Kids' Money; Attacks TLC

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It seems that Derick Dillard is still harboring some ill will towards TLC. The network fired Dillard from their show Counting On back in 2017 for a series of transphobic tweets about TLC star Jazz Jennings. His wife Jill (Duggar) Dillard subsequently left the show in solidarity. Every once in a while, Derick will rail against TLC on Twitter to show his ongoing displeasure with how they allegedly handled things. And this time, Dillard also expressed displeasure with his father-in-law, Jim Bob Duggar.

A Duggar blog shared the screenshots of Dillard's TLC rant. In the tweets, he maintains his stance that they were not fired from the show. And his comment ends on an ominous note...could he possibly be taking legal action against the mega network? “@TLC has issues. They begged us not to quite (sic) filming, but then didn’t want to talk directly with us about why. If money is all they care about, then it’s going to catch-up with them – you must care about ppl. All I’ve got to say is, they better lawyer-up b/c a storm is inevitable,” he writes.

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Credit: Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray.

So for those who don't know, Dillard is currently attending law school. Maybe he learned something in one of his classes that makes him think he has a case against TLC all these years later. On top of calling TLC out for their alleged shady dealings, Derick also throws some shade at Jim Bob as well.

According to Derick's tweets, Jim Bob is still in charge of contract negotiations for Counting On. Even though all the Duggar children featured on the show are adults with their own families. And Jim Bob, Michelle and the younger Duggars are only occasional guest stars. When asked if Jim Bob negotiated the contracts for all the adult children or just the Dillards, Derick said "For everyone, but without telling anyone."

Derick Dillard tweets about Jim Bob Duggar
Credit: Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray.

It's hard to know if the other Duggar kids on the show know about this or even care. When someone pointed out that Jim Bob shouldn't be negotiating for the adult kids, Dillard turned back to TLC. He claims "all @TLC cares about is making that money, so if they can blame corruption on somebody else, but still get away with the benefits, then they'll happily do so."

Derick Dillard angry tweets TLC
Credit: Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray.

Going off what he's saying, his anger is really more with Jim Bob. And people have been noticing lately that Jill hasn't been included in Duggar family activities. Maybe Derick's attitude and feelings towards his father-in-law is why.

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