Jill Duggar's Getting Slammed For Sharing An Inappropriate Funeral Photo

Eldest Duggar daughter Jill Dillard is no stranger to being shamed online. The mother of two has been criticized for everything from how she dresses, the games she shares to how she feeds her kids. It seems that nothing that Jill posts online is safe from the mom-shamers and the online trolls. Her recent post is once again being slammed for being 'inappropriate', but this time her critics may have a point.

Jill recently shared a heartbreaking photo of a tiny coffin with a beautiful floral arrangement sitting on top. The picture is obviously from a funeral, which Jill confirms in her caption. "Today has been a really hard day as I watched a couple do what no one should ever have to do...bury their little baby," she began her post. "Although our hearts break here on earth, we look forward to the day when we will see Jesus face to face, he will wipe every tear from our eyes and we will be reunited with those we miss so much."

While Jill's post may have been well-intentioned, many questioned whether it was something that was really appropriate to post on social media. "Does the couple in mourning know you posted this? It seems pretty personal and I know I'd be upset if someone posted it without my knowledge if I was the mother involved," wrote one concerned follower. "Not everything has to be an Instagram post, even with the purest intentions. This is insanely tacky of you to post," wrote another.

While some of Jill's followers sent their condolences, the majority couldn't help but criticize the reality star for using such a sad and somber occasion as an opportunity to post on social media. One upset commenter even wrote, "Does this family have no boundaries? ANYTHING to stay relevant..." Jill has been openly criticized recently for her social media use, using Instagram to post sponsored posts and sharing content that many feel is contradictory to her strict faith.

The reality star hasn't replied to any of the negative comments on the post, which is still up on her Instagram page, so far. She obviously doesn't see an issue with posting the picture but perhaps all the negative comments will make her re-think what she posts on social media in the future.

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