Jill Duggar Suffers Injury While Grocery Shopping With Kids

Let's be honest: is there anything worse than taking your kids grocery shopping? There is nothing fun or relaxing or easy about it. For most people, the grocery store visit is a necessary evil - you have to eat, right? And for a lot of families that have a parent who stays home, it falls on that parent to make the weekly shopping trip! With kids in tow, usually. When you have to take your kids to the store, you're there with a purpose, and you move through the aisles as quickly as possible to get in and out before one of your kids loses their mind or knocks down a store display or starts eating a box of cereal before you've had a chance to pay for it. When you're in a hurry, mistakes happen, and sometimes, injuries can happen too! That's what Jill Duggar learned (the hard way) when she suffered a bit of a grocery-shopping injury while shopping at Sam's Club with her two young boys. You have our sympathies, Jill - we've all been there!

In an Instagram story last week, Jill documented her exhausting trip to Sam's Club with her kiddos. Apparently, the shopping carts at Sam's Club have a little bar on the bottom that sticks out quite a bit, and in her haste to get the items on her list and get out of there, Jill whacked her shin directly on the bar. Ouch! Smacking your shin is always one of the super painful injuries that leaves a mark almost immediately, and Jill lifted her pant leg to show the lump and beginnings of what is sure to be a nasty bruise. In the video, she says she was trying to play it off and not cry, which we know was hard to do!

Jill has been pretty open about sharing her struggles with motherhood lately. As the mom to two rambunctious boys, she's got her hands full and then some. In another story, she vented about the state of her kitchen after the boys flung chocolate sauce all over the kitchen and covered the counters with lemon oil. Then she shared this little snapshot of what the boys were up to when her back was turned for a minute.

This is a familiar scene, right moms? We swear, you turn your eyes away from them for just a second, and they can do a lot of damage in that window of time! Kids are a delight, but man are they exhausting!

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