Fans Are Very Confused With The Content Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard Are Sharing

Of all the Duggar kids, Jill Duggar Dillard is certainly the most controversial. And it seems that she's really leaning into that reputation. Recently, she and her husband, Derick Dillard have been posting some...racy content on their social media. The couple has been talking pretty openly about sex in the last few months. While any married members of the Duggar family are clearly having a lot of sex, they never openly talk about it. And so fans have come up with several theories about why Jill and Derick are being so open about what's happening between the sheets.

It's certainly cringe-worthy for a good portion of their followers, but the Dillards really seem to be openly embracing their sexual sides. Back in June, Jill wrote a blog post with marriage tips. “[having sex] 3-4 times a week is a good start. lol,” she wrote. Most fans thought she was crazy, because first of all, who has time for that much sex? But also, you don't even see any of the Duggar couples give each other more than a chaste kiss. So to hear that one of them is getting it on that often is disconcerting.

But, some fans believe the sex talk has something to do with having more kids. Jill was the first Duggar girl to get married and she only has two kids. For any non-Duggar, two kids is more than enough.

However, by Duggar family standards, she's way behind. Here's the thing though, Jill had two very difficult births. She was in labor for days, and both of her births have been via c-section. And the complications with her second delivery were even worse than with the first. So, after all that, it's fair if she's waiting to go through it again.

"Derick and Jill suddenly started talking about how great sex is about a week or two before Sam's second birthday: when she would have been cleared for getting pregnant again if she wanted to have a successful birth story," writes one Reddit user. This is a hugely popular theory, with 92 upvotes.

"What if they abstained for the last 2 years, which would have been totally allowed AND "so godly." But now they can try having babies again so they've allowed themselves to have sex and now they have to talk about it all the time," they added.

We don't know for sure what the reason behind all this sex talk is. But we know that seeing Jill Dillard post about the Kama Sutra is something we never thought we'd see.

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