Jill Duggar Slammed For A Video She Shared Of 'Scared' Son Samuel

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Duggar daughter Jill Duggar Dillard has taken a lot of heat from Duggar family fans over the last few years. After her husband, Derick Dillard made disparaging, homophobic and transphobic remarks about fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings he was fired by the network and the couple haven’t made an appearance on the show Counting On ever since. Jill has however continued to update fans on social media, posting often on Instagram. The mother of two has been criticized for posting ads and even a sexy bedtime game, and recently Duggar was slammed for posting a video that many felt was cruel towards her son Samuel.

Duggar posted a picture on her Instagram showing her husband, Derick, standing outside in the rain taping plastic to one of their car windows with the caption, "Check out my stories to see the funny story lol." In the video on her Instastories, Duggar explains that their rear passenger window wouldn’t roll up in the car, so Dillard had to tape a plastic bag over the window to prevent the rain from coming in.

What has fans so upset is that their young son Samuel was strapped into his car seat right beside the faulty window. As they were driving Duggar was filming her son, crying because of the loud noise the flapping plastic was making beside him. Fans were quick to comment on the post, slamming the mother of two for filming her son who was clearly upset.

"You and your husband show a serious lack of empathy for your children. Not just a lack of empathy, but you laugh at their stress. This is a pattern of behavior we've seen since Israel was a few months old. Seriously, what ails you?" wrote one commenter who obviously didn’t find the post funny.

"Who laughs when their child is frightened?" wrote another. "I’m more concerned that you felt your IG story was more important than the obviously scared/upset baby in the backseat. Not your fault the window broke, but seriously...your baby needed you and you wouldn’t put down the phone."

There were many who came to Duggar’s defense, writing, ‘And cue perfect moms of America GO:" and "Here comes the “Perfect Moms Of America” critics in 3..2..1"

Duggar eventually responded to the backlash posting once again on her Instastories. "For those concerned about Sam…" she wrote over top a photo of her vehicle. "The window is fixed now lol no crying babies."

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