Jessica Simpson Keeps It Real When Dealing With Sick Kids

Sick days are the worst, especially for moms. As miserable as the kids are, the moms have to suffer through it too, not to mention the gross clean. There is usually very little sleep going on as well, which makes it even harder to power through and be there for the kids.

Jessica Simpson recently kept it real on social media about the life of a mom, during cold and flu season. Two, of the singer's three kids, were down right sick for a full 1o days. While things appeared to be on the upswing, Jessica posted a photo of the aftermath, finally getting some sleep on the couch while snuggling with her oldest, Maxwell, 7.

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Credit: Instagram / Jessica Simpson

As if coughing and puking weren't enough, Maxi and, 6-year-old, Ace also battled "scary high fevers," which can send moms into a panic and often land kids in the doctor's office.

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Someone ended up with a concussion too, which was just as alarming. Concussions can happen with falls. Jessica didn't say how this one happened, but we wonder if someone fainted and ended up hitting their head. Talk about scary.

On top of that, Jessica has an infant at home. She had to divide her attention between two sick kids and little Birdie, her 7-month-old girl. We're sure she worried extra about getting the baby sick too, before you could muster up another ounce of energy just to bleach the whole house.

Getting through an illness with one child is hard enough, and dealing with two sick kids, while trying to avoid a baby catching it, is even more difficult. It's more than a full-time job considering you're working through sleepless nights, or a full week, in Jessica's case.

Sometimes family life isn't so glamorous, even when you are a superstar. But after all is said and done, that's the job of a mom, and we're certain that Jessica rose to the occasion. There is a big sense of accomplishment and lots of family bonding after going through the tough times together, even when you have to clean up puke.

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