Jessica Simpson Had A Hysterical Comeback To Gross Comment On Social Media

People on the internet really can be the worst sometimes and it's often celebrities who have to deal with trolls who write nasty comments on their social media posts. Jessica Simpson is no stranger to internet trolls, with fans shading her for everything from allowing her daughter Maxwell to dye her hair to judgy comments about daughter Birdie's stroller straps. Simpson is usually pretty good at ignoring the comments, but one recent gross comment left by one confused man resulted in a hilarious clap back by Simpson.

The mother of three recently posted a sweet picture of herself and 5-month-old daughter Birdie. Captioning the pic, "My little labor of love this year #BIRDIEMAE" most of Simpson's followers couldn't help but gush about what a sweet picture it was.

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My little labor of love this year 🥰 #BIRDIEMAE

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One individual however took to the comment section writing, "#thefappening #nipslip." While many celebrities typically let comments like that slide, Simpson responded back writing, ".@txbossdaddyI think it’s flattering that you think my nipple is that high up!"

Fans loved her response, with many of them chiming in to praise the singer and actress for not only her sense of humor but for pointing out the complete lack of nip slip!

"Bahahaha. My dear, thank you for the laugh. Best come back ever to a troll today!!"

"Obviously he hasn’t had 3 kids. Great come back."

"omg that was the best response EVER"

" After 3 kids I FELT THIS"

The person who made the comment has since deleted it, maybe embarrassed by his error or perhaps a little surprised that the superstar took the time to respond. Whatever the reason, commenters loved that Simpson clapped back.

Trolls are definitely a part of being a celebrity on Instagram but it's refreshing to see celebrities speaking out and defending themselves. Singer Pink has recently begun to speak out much more against mom shamers who seem to find something to be critical of in every picture she posts. The singer even came to Simpson's defense recently when she was criticized for allowing her daughter Maxwell to dye her hair in anticipation of watching Descendants 3. In response, Pink posted her own photo showing her dyeing daughter Willow's hair in solidarity.

We stan a celebrity who is willing to speak out against internet trolls!

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